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  1. United please! A bit surprised UA wasn't an included livery with the aircraft...maybe I'm thinking of the FSL but I thought the previous AS bus came with a UA livery
  2. I was able to make a flight out with a stable, normal climb. As I imagined, it was as simple as pushing the ALT knob before my takeoff roll. It is my understanding however that if you preflight correctly & dial an altitude into the glareshield, it should auto select that & capture it...?? Is that correct?
  3. Yup. Double click for ZFW/ZFWCG & enter the block fuel...is there anything else on that page I need to do other than those 2 entries?
  4. So...if I have a cruise level set here, an altitude set on the glareshield & a SID loaded I still need to pull or push the knob? Not doubting you at all, you are right I'm sure...I just don't remember having to do that in the FSLabs bus. I only ever remember pulling the knob out to initiate a descent.
  5. Maybe I've forgotten some incredibly important step but I have detailed notes/checklists I made for myself to fly the FSLabs 320 (no, I no longer fly it) & have gone over those to make sure I'm correctly following what I understood to be reasonably accurate procedures.
  6. Taking off from Flightbeam DEN. Density altitude is 7300 feet. In this case TCAS is chirping because of the nearby AI conflict but it's done this without TCAS freaking out. EMMYS5 departure
  7. I don't know if it makes any difference but I've also tried taking off at both FLEX as well as TOGA. I set the cost index for 35 or 40...
  8. Did some searching & wasn't able to find anyone in the same boat, apologies if I missed it, but I've tried a few times now to conduct a flight with the 319. I follow the FD after takeoff & regardless of when I engage the AP the aircraft pitches up for about an 8000 FPM climb. I disengage AP, lower the nose, hand fly it to stable flight, reengage...same issue. I did a fresh install of P3D, no luck. Fresh install of the bus, no luck. Windows recovery to how my laptop arrived from HP & spent days reloading everything...still the same problem persists.
    We call this one "Waldo" at SkyWest. Nicely done
  9. The SkyWest 35th Anniversary bird would be a cool one to have. I've only been on these forums for a few days but your work is incredible Holgi, I very much appreciate it.
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