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  1. Yours will soon if they comply with the SB the only ones that can’t do it are the pre Pegasus rc3 birds ie CRT displays. That is unless your carrier chose not to update their current software. All of ours can do it or have a standard glareshield sticker.
  2. Mathijs, With the autoflight tcas ra service bulletin now embodied on all but legacy airframes (330) will we be seeing that in the flight sim world or will we eve n just be getting a deactivated sticker as per the sb untill or if it is modeled?
  3. As for the fuel, can we get the fuel at ambient minus 2C and allow for corrections for expansion? Also, something that would be really cool is the outer tnk xfer, when at TOD and the fuel level at landing is above 10T then the outer tank xfer is not selected then as the outer tanks will remain very cold the fuel will make a large fog effect over the wings in a warmer airport and possible ground ice (more than the normal bit of frost under the wing) on the outer bits of the wing. Really cool phenonmion if you want to have fuel with the fuel effects of the 330.
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