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  1. Well, I uninstalled P3D and all of my addons, reinstalled them. Now I'm getting 30-35 FPS on DUS ground.
  2. Hey everyone, I want to compare the performance of the Bus with the Dash 8 by Majestic. In the Dash 8 I get up to 45 FPS (40-45 FPS) and in the Bus up to 35 FPS (25-35 FPS) at KVPS (P3D V.4 standart airfield). (Both C&D) I'm just asking because everyone says the performance is so good and I get 15-20 FPS durring takeoff at EDDL (by Justsim) with comparable PC specs. Thanks in advance! My specs: GPU: AMD Radeon RX480 CPU: AMD FX-6300 Six-Core Processor 3.50 GHz (3 Cores, 6 logical cores) RAM: 16 GB (4x 4GB) Mainboard: BIOSTAR TA970 OS: Windows 10 64bit
  3. I just set a new record... lol 2018-7-15_20-30-9-711.bmp I have no idea whats going one but it makes this plane for me unflyable. If I ajust the v-speed by hand the level-offpoint starts moving around the path. I guess it has something to do with the winds, but I can't add any on the INIT page... I hope you will fix this in the next update(s) or can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong?
  4. Activate and deactivate the slew-mode everytime before you bushpack. For me it fixes the problem.
  5. Only very fast movement, that doesn't move the aircraft at all. I tested it without any addons exept Ezdok V2.
  6. Hey All and Aerosoft-team, I've got a little problem with the Bus: The tiller is moving and the gear as well but the plane keeps taxiing forward. It happens on default- and on paywaresceneries Any ideas what I can change to fix this problem? Thank you in advance
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