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  1. @bLindye Technically the issue is not affecting everyone!
  2. @Car147 There is potentially a memory leak in the update causing massive fps drops. Hoping Asobo sends a hotfix. Hopefully it has no effect on the CRJ.
  3. @Swagbasket Getting great performance here with the i5 8400 and rtx2060super you should be fine. I used to get that limited by mainthread message until I upgraded to 1440p ultrawide.Now mainly GPU limited.CRJ shouldn't be that bad with either with our specs.
  4. Can't tell the last time I have been this excited for an addon to release. The destinations with this plane for my US flights is endless!
  5. Looking forward to flying her something in the first quarter of 2021!
  6. @rico10 The issue is also happening with me on 1440p and I am glad to hear the CRJ will be well optimized
  7. Not sure why my comment would get a downvote. Looks like someone doesn't have a sense of humor. Anyway I am beyond excited for this bird.
  8. I shall build a terminal time machine. Never the less keep up the good work!
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