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  1. If anyone is still having issues i can confirm a fresh reinstall of the sim worked like majic and Aerosoft i want to thank you for an awesome bus now time to plan my maiden flight from CLT-BOS
  2. im going to reinstall p3d to see if that fixes it
  3. Reinstalled and content and client is at 4.3 so unsure what to do
  4. Still didnt work should i reinstall the bus again again lol
  5. yes the client is 4.3 the rest is 4.2
  6. Add me to the list lol Hope it gets fixed want to really fly it
  7. Somehow when i loaded the bus i see lightning bolts out of the captain main window and it wasnt even storming and also the panel states are greyed out when parking brakes on and engines off unsure how to fix it as i just installed it
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