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  1. Hey, I was wondering when the A330 will be ready for purchase, and will I get a discount if I have got the A319/18/20/21 Professional? If not what price will it be. Thanks PMorris ThatA330Lover
  2. Thank you all, sorry for not replying lately!
  3. When I look, I have some programmes that 'Can Not Run' on a windows 10 machine. Even though, I have reinstalled it.
  4. Hello, If you are reading this and don't know who I am, I am Peter Morris and am a Platinum Flyer for Qantas Virtual. Anyway, I have seen the recent post/topic that talks about updating the Aerosoft Airbus A319/18 Professional for P3DV4. I am now adding that I have lawfully purchased them both, and have paid money to Aerosoft and Lochhead Martain. Anyway that's, not the point, I have been following the tutorial and I have looked in WINDOWS/A/AEROSOFT and its not there. Please can someone help me, so I can get the most recent updated version. ATTACHMENTS BELLOW
  5. So, I previously bought mine of Steam on FSX and looking for a discount. Would it be possible? Thanks, Peter
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