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  1. vor 4 Stunden , CaptainLHKLM sagte:

    Are the wing sounds going to be external perspective sounds or can they be the interior sounds?


    On 13.8.2018 at 20:03, Mathijs Kok sagte:


    We do not like wing views a lot because we simulate the job of the pilot and not the passenger, but exactly what internal sounds you want to hear? The sound a passenger hears? Is there any add-on that does that seriously?


    So I think we wont get that feature unfortunately :unsure:

  2. vor 18 Minuten, mopperle sagte:


    - set mesh resolution to 5m

    - set texture resolution to 15cm

    - optional set tessalation factor one notch higher

    - turn off Bathymetry, only of interest when using a submarine in P3D ;)


    Thanks, that works. It probably was the texture resolution :) 

    vor 16 Minuten, Herman sagte:

    swaor, are you running P3Dv3 or v4? If v3, that might be the cause, since the scenery is built for only v4 of P3D as indicated on the product page here. You screenshot doesn't look like a P3Dv4 menu, which should look like the following:


    Looks like it also works in v3 but anyways thank you very much for your help ^_^


  3. vor 2 Stunden , DaveCT2003 sagte:

    Any chance yo have another Hamburg scenery installed?

    I also have JustSim EDDH installed but not activated when using EDHI due to framerate issues, which I would then get.


    vor 2 Stunden , mopperle sagte:

    a screenshot of your scenery library

    EDHI´s priority is set to 1 if thats why you ask :) 


    vor 2 Stunden , mopperle sagte:

    maybe you can post your settings in P3D


  4. Hi, 

    my CRJ is (most of the time) flying circles as soon as I activate the APPR mode. I have checked the ILS Frequencies and CRS1 & 2. (Using ILS approaches)

    Sometimes it works just fine as it would with every other aircraft but sometimes it starts flying right-turns when I activate APPR...

    I also checked that the Localizer and the Glideslope was there. 

    Explaining that to IVAO atc and in the end flying the approach by hand isnt that much fun :lolsign_s:

    I hope someone can help me out :) 

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