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  1. This can be closed out, so the solution was i had to go into the RAAS add on menu and assign airbus profile to the aircraft. I always assumed it was automatic but i guess since PMDG uses it also you have to assign manually. Thanks
  2. How would I do that? It works on 777 but never has worked on the A330, I assumed it wasn’t implemented yet.
  3. The one you included, I believe PMDG includes the same way for the 777.
  4. So my add on menu shows RASS but only showing PMDG 777, i dont see aerosoft profile.
  5. Hi, Is RAAS supposed to be working with the A330? I recall it being installed but i dont hear any of the voices when approaching a runway. Can anyone confirm and if so how can i check if its installed correctly? Thanks
  6. Same issue i just had, also the co pilot isn't turning on the strobes or wing lights during take off phase for me.
  7. Thanks Steve, truly great news and much appreciated.
  8. Hi Stephen, I sent you the info you requested. Thanks
  9. i agree with the need for a American Airlines repaint.
  10. Hi Dave, No worries you tired and i appreciate all your effort. Am still getting 8000kg difference between PFPX and A330 weights. I will maybe email support and see what they can offer. Thanks again.
  11. Hi, Just from my experience, the plane regardless of sim speed bounces when frames drop (loading scenery area such as big cities or airports). If you are on 2X or 4X this is made extreme due to the increased time speed. Over the ocean i get very smooth flight even at 8X and mostly over land too but i learned near big cities i slow it down to normal. Hope this helps.
  12. Hi Dave, I totally understand, i am using your profile in conjunction with the performance file from airlineperformance.net. At this point i think i might reinstall PFPX and see if that might help unless you have any other ideas i can try. Thanks
  13. Ok no worries, Thanks. Maybe Dave cab shed some light,
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