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  1. I want to do it, but Jo Erlend Sund still not reply I can give it to Aerosoft for free if they did a completely new Torp scenery...
  2. You're right. I wrote the same in my first post I wrote with Joaki Tychesen about a possible Torp update, but he wrote to me that he abandoned designing for Flight Simulators completely and doesn't plan to release any updates. I started making my ground poly with a completely new scenery in mind (not Joakim's). I wanted to do everything in a technique like Jo Erlend Sund because his scenery looks great, that's why I used his line textures. Don't write that "Jo Erlend has nothing to do with it and can therefor not give permission." because he doesn't even read my messages, so he doesn't know anything about my message. I wrote to him willingly to cooperate or buy his textures at a satisfactory price. Regards
  3. Yes I know. But I don't know what Jo Erlend will say, who didn't even read my message (attachment)
  4. I have written to Jo Erlend Sund many times, asking about the use of textures and the desire to buy them. Unfortunately, he didn't display my messages. So please don't call me "pirate" and a thief. If I were a thief I would not write in the forum describing everything exactly as I did. I don't hide anything. The scenery is only in my hands, and for my own use I can use what I want. That's why I'm asking what I can do about it. It is a pity to abandon this project when someone from the Aerosoft team can finish it and make a really good scenery. Regards
  5. I would not like to sell this with existing scenery. I would only like to sell Ground Poly. And I didn't want to put a screenshot without buildings so I decided to show my gp with old scenery. In this old scenery we have to change a lot, because a lot of things don't go together. That is why I would like to transfer my work to someone who knows how to do it. Thanks!!
  6. Hello Some time ago I created completely new ground poly for the already existing ENTO scenery - Sandefjord Torp. Unfortunately, I don't have time to finish it and I don't know with whom I can talk about the possible sale of this project. It is a pity to throw it in the trash. The publisher Aerosoft ENTO wrote to me that it wasn't planning any updates and completely abandoned development for simulators. I tried to write to Jo Erlend Sund but it doesn't display my messages. I used some of his textures in this project. Maybe someone has some advice for me? I attach some screenshots of my project. Everything has been done in 3DS max on student license (I am student). It would be good to make a terminal with interior for Torp. In real a lot has changed at this airport. Regards
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