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  1. For the record, I have numerous other add-on aircraft from other developers installed. The AS 'Bus is the only one that exhibits the behaviour outlined above. As I said, I'm hoping the next update will put things right. Regards, Scott
  2. appears that I"m not going to get any help with solving this issue. I hope the next update will fix it. Regards, Scott
  3. Hi Mathijs, Thanks for the post. I was beginning to feel that my issue had been forgotten about. Regards, Scott
  4. Well, even that doesn't work. Just completed a flight in an A321. Used the procedure as described above. Checked the flight control page of the lower MFDU while taxiing and also the externals all looked as it should (elevator position). During departure climbout, all externals. Looked normal. However, after checking the external views after level off at cruise altitude, the elevators were once again deflected in such a way as the aircraft should have been diving towards terra firma. After landing checked the control movement on the lower MFDU and sure enough, full forward application of the side stick shows downward movement on the PFD, but there is no movement indicating that on the flight control page of the lower MFDU. Hoping someone will chime in here. Have loved the AS 'bus since FSX-SE. Regards, Scott
  5. Upon further experimentation, even having the aircraft load as "Ready for Taxi" does not solve the issue. It appears that I have to load the aircraft ("Ready for Taxi"), exit P3Dv4.5, re-start P3Dv5 and load the aircraft again. At least that's what worked just now... Cheers, Scott
  6. Thanks for the reply! I think I've narrowed it down. It is not a case of the liveries. I had always loaded the various Airbuses with the "Turn Around State". I tried loading a couple of them in the "Ready For Taxi State" and the control checks/elevator positions are now normal and function as they should, regardless of the livery. Perhaps something got broken in the v1.2.5.0 update that affected loading the aircraft in the "Turn Around State"? I didn't have that issue with the previous versions. Cheers, Scott
  7. Additional thoughts: Could loading the aircraft in "turn around state" have something to do with it... It wasn't a problem before in v1.2.4.0, but I wonder if it might be in v1.2.5.0... Regards, Scott
  8. Well, it turns out the problems are not sorted out. When I made the initial post above, I had checked the controls in one of A321's that came with the installer. Right now I'm in a flight with one of the non-included liveries, and the problem with the flight controls check/elevator position that I noted in my original post are still there along with the door closing annoyance. Nothing has changed on computer since I re-installed the other day other than adding the other liveries I've collected. Help would be much appreciated!! Regards, Scott
  9. Greetings, I do believe I have it sorted out. I deleted the A318/319 & A320/321 installers from the other day and re-downloaded them. Once again I followed the instructions provided in the link by Mopperle a few posts above. The flight controls (elevators) are now working correctly. Will take one up for a flight later today. Regards, Scott
  10. Greetings, This morning before work I uninstalled and reinstalled the A318/319/320/321 as per the instructions outlined in the link provided by Mopperle. The same problems persist. No improvement. The 'bus worked perfectly in V1.2.4.0....any ideas? Regards, Scott
  11. Thanks for the reply! I will reinstall in a couple of days when I have a day off from work. Regards Scott
  12. I know it has been a weekend, but no replies? šŸ˜‰ I just checked and the Aerosoft A319 exhibits the same flight control indication behavior of the A321 I outlined above. I checked the PMDG B737 and all control indications and visuals are normal with that model. Regards, Scott
  13. Greetings! Today I downloaded and installed the latest version referenced in the subject line. All went well, but there are a couple of issues that I'm experiencing with the A321 (only model I've flown with the new version thus far): 1. As with all previous versions, the first time I attempt to close the forward left passenger door via the FMS that I bring up with Shift+4, the door closes and then re-opens. I have to click on the "close" button again. Not a big deal, but somewhat annoying. 2. During my pre-taxi flight control check, I noticed when I moved the side controller forward (nose down), the indicator in the lower MDU did not move, nor externally did the elevators move, the crosshair on the PFD did indicate a nose down movement of the side controller, externally the elevators appear to be "hanging down". In cruise flight right now checking external views, the elevators are still "hanging down". Given their degree of deflection the aircraft should be attempting to make a smoking hole in the ground. I compared the current external cruise flight position of the elevators to a screenshot taken yesterday (before the update to and there is a noticeable difference. This does not seem to be affecting aircraft performance as near as I can tell. This was not an issued in v1.2.4.0. I'm using P3Dv4.5. Aircraft had been loaded from "turn around" state and both Pilot and Co-pilot checklists were used. Hope these things can be looked at and remedied. Regards, Scott
  14. Hi Hans, Thanks for the quick reply. No worries about the lack of a 2D panel for the EFB. It is still certainly useable. Just thought I might have been missing something. Regards, Scott
  15. Greetings! I purchased the CRJ package a few months back and am finally getting around to learning to fly it. I am having a problem with the EFB, it does not pop up into a larger 2D window like the other displays do when you click on them. When hovering over it with the mouse, the pointer turns to a hand, but the EFB does not pop up or enlarge when clicked upon. Is there a fix for this? I have the latest version (according to the updater), and am using P3Dv4.5. Regards, Scott
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