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  1. I had the same problem posted in another thread. A poster by the name of "Secondater" helped me solve it. He said the issue was cause by people having their Antialiasing - Transparency Supersampling set to one of the Sparse Grid Supersampling settings. I went into Nvidia Inspector and changed from 8x Sparse Grid Supersampling to 8x Supersampling and the range arcs were displayed. Hope this helps, Scott
  2. Hi Mathijs, Thank you for the Airbus development road map regarding the immediate future! However, while I do understand the reasoning (from a business standpoint) of not much of the way in future improvements for the Baby Buses, I have to express my disappointment that it is not likely the Nav Displays will be reworked to operate independently of one another. Also for a purely selfish reason 😉 I was hoping that bringing the Baby Buses up to the A330 standard would somehow cure that nagging drooping elevator problem I'm having. As I posted in that thread, I truly appreciate the efforts of members of your team to track it down. I fully understand it is a rarity and cannot be reproduced by team members. I am certainly enjoying the A333! Regards & Best Wishes, Scott
  3. Hi Secondator, Thanks for the reply and explanation. However, I am confused (a not unnatural state of affairs!). I do not have this issue with the Baby Buses - the range rings and dashed course line is there with 8xSSGS. Why then, would they not show on the A330 display? Anyway, I changed via Nvidia Inspector from 8xSSGS to 8xSupersampling and the range rings now display on the A330 MFD. Regards, Scott
  4. Hi Dave, Thank you! Regards, Scott
  5. Hi Dave, Thanks for the reply and once again thanks for letting a person know what is going on. In my case, in addition to the range rings missing is the dashed flight plan course line that displayed prior to pushing the heading knob to managed mode. When I depart an airport, since i use the default ATC, I set the heading knob to the runway heading in selected mode. I then fly the ATC vectors until given the "turn to heading XYZ and proceed on course". In the the Baby Buses, there are range rings and a dashed line showing the a track of the flight plan that was loaded. With the A330, that dashed track line (along with the range rings) is not there. Only a solid line that shows what the current heading is. Range rings - yes can live without them. Is it normal for the loaded/desired flight plan track not to be displayed until the knob is pushed into Managed Mode? Regards, Scott
  6. Hi Dave, Thanks for the update. Not sure I like the "if" portion of your statement 😉 Regards, Scott
  7. Thanks Dave, I do appreciate the time that you and others have spent on this problem. I can't for the life of my figure out why only the baby buses are affected. The A330 and all the other addon aircraft in my virtual hangar do not exhibit this problem. I'll just keep my fingers crossed and hope that when the baby buses are fully brought up to the A330 standard, the problem might resolve itself. If even that doesn't work, I may have to turn to FS Labs for my baby bus flying. If you feel this topic has reached its end, by all means, mark it as closed. Kind regards, Scott
  8. Unfortunately, the latest experimental version released today,, did not fix the issue 😞
  9. Unfortunately, the latest experimental version released today, did not resolve the issue 😞
  10. Greetings! Yesterday evening I flew in the A330 from MPTO - MMMX. All was well during climbout. However, right after level off at FL380 the left engine lost power, starting surging slightly and airspeed started to decrease. There were not any warnings or caution indications whatsoever (see attached pic). Anyone have any idea what might have caused this? If so, what is the in-flight remedy? This has never happened before during countless flights I've made in this aircraft. Regards, Scott
  11. Hi, Well, this morning I re-downloaded the files and deleted the previously deleted ones. Uninstalled the Baby Buses. Temporarily de-activated Windows Defender. First extracted the 318/319 and ran the exe as administrator. After all was installed, did the same with the 320/321. I then re-activated Windows Defender and rebooted the computer. I loaded my usual addons: Rex Textures Direct/Skyforce 3-D and ActiveSky for P3Dv4. Created a Pax/Cargo/Fuel load in the AS loader and generated the loadsheet. Fired up P3D and loaded the United A320 at KLAS. The aircraft loaded in the "ready for takeoff" state. Did the flight control check and everything was fine. Elevators worked normally and looked normal in outside view. I then changed the aircraft state to "turn around". Loaded my pax/cargo/fuel, started the engines. When I did the flight control check the problem was back. Elevators are drooping in spot view and full forward stick shows correctly on the PFD but once again does not show down movement on the lower MFD. This is the same as in the past: when I reinstall the aircraft and it loads with the "ready for takeoff" everything is fine. When I go to "turn around" state that's when something goes wrong. Note: I just again loaded the aircraft in the "ready for takeoff" state. Loaded pax, etc...switched to "ready for taxi" state. Did the control check and everything was fine. Adjusted my trim to the recommended T.O. setting and then the elevator issue became apparent again. Regards, Scott Attached are the screenshots.
  12. Hi Dave & Mathijs, I'll try to get you the screenshots as requested. As far as the Baby Bus overhead panel goes, I checked to make sure everything was "on" (no buttons lit up), as I first suspected Hydraulic issues. The elevators droop while on the ground with the engines running as well as in flight. I'll uninstall the Baby Buses again and this time make sure Windows Defender is deactivated before re-installation.
  13. Hi, Thank you for the reply. Here are the answers to your questions: 1. The latest version of P3D4v5. Please note this elevator behavior also showed up in the previous version of P3D 2. My controller, Thrustmaster T.16000M is not through FSUIPC. 3. Attached is the zipper data folder for the A320/321. Please note the A318/319 exhibit the same elevator behavior. 4. This issue is present on every flight. Regards, Scott Data.7z
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