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  1. Hi, I know this is probably a stupid question, but does one need to uninstall the previous version before installing v1.2.3.0? Regards, Scott
  2. I came across this in a thread somewhere, about how to get the default P3D F Key views back: "F9, F10, F11, F12 key assignment The following is for FSX: The standard view commands of FSX are slightly altered when you run the Airbus X. If you prefer the standard assignment you need to edit the aircraft.cfg. Those views were already part of the Airbus X. To “delete” those F9 to F12 views, the aircraft.cfg has to be changed e.g. just delete the lines “Hotkeyselect” = 1 to 4 in CAMERADEFINITION.000 - CAMERADEFINITION.003 - CAMERADEFINITION.004 – and CAMERADEFINITION.005. For P3Dv4.3 – Aerosoft Airbus Professional: Remark out the “Hotkeyselect” for Camera definitions 003 & 004 (07.22.2018)" Hope this helps, Scott
  3. Greetings, Although I know Northwest Airlines didn't have any A321's, it would be great if someone could do a fictional livery for an A321-200 CFM.... Just throwing it out there ;-) Cheers, Scott
  4. So sorry to hear that! I've been looking forward to the release of the A320/321 to compliment the A318/319 that I already have. Pardon my ignorance, what has the marketing department have to do with this? Regards, Scott
  5. Hi Stefan, Thank you for the reply and the information! Cheers, Scott
  6. Greetings, First off, let me congratulate the team on a great product! It's great to be back in the 'Bus again after switching to P3Dv4 months ago. I have made a couple of flights and love the aircraft. However, at night, none of the passenger cabin lights are visible when in exterior view. Am I missing turning on a switch or something, or will they be implemented with one of the Service Packs? Cheers, Scott
  7. Ah, I see.... Looks like Lufthansa didn't have any DC8 - 50's other than leased. Cheers, Scott
  8. Lufthansa. Greetings all, I was wondering if the Lufthansa livery that is included with the DC8 package is ever going to be fixed? Even with v1.03, it still has the US flag on it along with an US "N" number registration. Cheers, Scott
  9. Tanks all burn evenly for me as well (provided the fuel management instructions are followed). Regards Scott
  10. Beautiful!!!! Downloading now - thank you for all you've done! Have a virtual beverage of your choice on me Regards, Scott
  11. Hi Tom/Michael, Thank you for that clarification! The light bulb in my old bald head just clicked "on". Yes, that does make perfect sense. I can use the flight planner I mentioned to create those types of airways. I'll give that a go tomorrow. Meanwhile, getting ready to descend into KFAR Regards, Scott
  12. Hi, Yes, but I am not using the flight plan importer utility that comes with the aircraft. Once the sim and aircraft are up and running, I open the flight planner & load the plan of choice. From Michael's posts and the tutorial I watched, I was under the impression a person could select any P3D flight plan that was saved in the .pln format and it would automatically load in the INS when the aircraft was loaded with the engines/systems in running state. It is entirely possible that I did not understand what he was saying. Also, all of the VOR's that I included in the flight plans have DME capability. "No, the aircraft loads with engines running and the INS aligned. All you have to do is load a flight plan with the P3D menu. There is a way to do a quick alignment (when alignment is needed) but I need to recall how it works and check to make sure it's still in the release version before I post how. It may be a while, as I will be offline much of today." Regards, Scott
  13. Hello, and thank you for the reply. I create my P3D flight plans with Little Nav Map, the greatest freeware flight planner/moving map that is out there right now. I save them in the .pln format to my P3D directory. The flight plans I've been trying the past couple of evenings are very simple VOR - VOR...only about 6 or 7 waypoints. All of my WAY PT positions show 00'00.0/000'0.0 with the exception of position "0" (zero). That has the departure airport coordinates in it. The flight planner I use has successfully created flight plans for PMDG, the Aerosoft Airbus, Quality Wings, in addition to the FSX/P3D formats, so it's not an issue with that utility. Regards, Scott
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