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  1. Greetings, Today I finally got around to updating the 'buses in P3Dv4.5. As per the instructions, I uninstalled then reinstalled the A318/319/320/321/333. All seems to be well, except that the A333 does not show up in the AS Updater list of products. All the others are there: A318/319 A320/321 CRJ700/900 DC8 Any suggestions? Regards, Scott
  2. Greetings, Thank you for the explanation! Regards, Scott
  3. Greetings, I am attempting to fly the A330-300 in P3D4.5 (without the latest HF). I am not using the recently released version of the A330, the version before that. Yesterday I updated Navigraph (I subscribe to it) to the latest cycle. Now the EFB in the A330 displays two large red "Error" rectangles on it and is not functional. I did not have this problem before the latest Navigraph update. I could swear I saw a post about this issue this morning in the forum, but I'll be damned if I can find it now. Is there a fix for this> Edit: This is weird. I exited the sim. Logged out of Navigraph via the A330 Configurator, logged back in, and now the EFB is functioning normally Regards, Scott
  4. Greetings, Sorry to say that adding that line to the Aircraft.cfg did not solve the problem. I added it to A330 that I would be flying this evening. When the default ATC would alert AI traffic to my presence, the default ATC would still refer to my A330 as a generic "Airbus". Not wanting/trying to compare apples to oranges, but that doesn't happen with the FS Labs baby buses or the PMDG Boeings. The default ATC broadcasts the correct model type. Regards, Scott
  5. Hi Masterhawk, Thanks for the cfg file. I'll check later today when I do some flightsimming after work. Regards, Scott
  6. Greetings! As the title says, the default ATC refers to the Aerosoft A330 as "Airbus" while referring to AI A330's as "Airbus A330". Is it possible to change something in a cfg file so that the default ATC will refer to the AS A330 as an A330? Regards, Scott
  7. I had the same problem posted in another thread. A poster by the name of "Secondater" helped me solve it. He said the issue was cause by people having their Antialiasing - Transparency Supersampling set to one of the Sparse Grid Supersampling settings. I went into Nvidia Inspector and changed from 8x Sparse Grid Supersampling to 8x Supersampling and the range arcs were displayed. Hope this helps, Scott
  8. Hi Mathijs, Thank you for the Airbus development road map regarding the immediate future! However, while I do understand the reasoning (from a business standpoint) of not much of the way in future improvements for the Baby Buses, I have to express my disappointment that it is not likely the Nav Displays will be reworked to operate independently of one another. Also for a purely selfish reason 😉 I was hoping that bringing the Baby Buses up to the A330 standard would somehow cure that nagging drooping elevator problem I'm having. As I posted in that thread, I truly appreciate the efforts of members of your team to track it down. I fully understand it is a rarity and cannot be reproduced by team members. I am certainly enjoying the A333! Regards & Best Wishes, Scott
  9. Hi Secondator, Thanks for the reply and explanation. However, I am confused (a not unnatural state of affairs!). I do not have this issue with the Baby Buses - the range rings and dashed course line is there with 8xSSGS. Why then, would they not show on the A330 display? Anyway, I changed via Nvidia Inspector from 8xSSGS to 8xSupersampling and the range rings now display on the A330 MFD. Regards, Scott
  10. Hi Dave, Thank you! Regards, Scott
  11. Hi Dave, Thanks for the reply and once again thanks for letting a person know what is going on. In my case, in addition to the range rings missing is the dashed flight plan course line that displayed prior to pushing the heading knob to managed mode. When I depart an airport, since i use the default ATC, I set the heading knob to the runway heading in selected mode. I then fly the ATC vectors until given the "turn to heading XYZ and proceed on course". In the the Baby Buses, there are range rings and a dashed line showing the a track of the flight plan that was loaded. With the A330, that dashed track line (along with the range rings) is not there. Only a solid line that shows what the current heading is. Range rings - yes can live without them. Is it normal for the loaded/desired flight plan track not to be displayed until the knob is pushed into Managed Mode? Regards, Scott
  12. Hi Dave, Thanks for the update. Not sure I like the "if" portion of your statement 😉 Regards, Scott
  13. Thanks Dave, I do appreciate the time that you and others have spent on this problem. I can't for the life of my figure out why only the baby buses are affected. The A330 and all the other addon aircraft in my virtual hangar do not exhibit this problem. I'll just keep my fingers crossed and hope that when the baby buses are fully brought up to the A330 standard, the problem might resolve itself. If even that doesn't work, I may have to turn to FS Labs for my baby bus flying. If you feel this topic has reached its end, by all means, mark it as closed. Kind regards, Scott
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