Recently we have seen a lot of codes used to unlock our products being offered for discounted prices. Almost all of them are bought using stolen credit cards. These codes will all be blocked by our systems and you will have to try to get your money back from the seller, we are unable to assist in these matters. Do be very careful when you see a deal that is almost too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.

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  1. i am a poor lonesome cowboy šŸ˜¢
  2. You are under P3DV4.5 ??
  3. Hello, Bonjour, I know very well the Catalina PBY, acquired 3 years ago, and always flew in full realism and cold and dark start. I had abandoned for 1 year, passed P3DV4.5, my version is good V.122. Despite several reinstalled, I can not start the right engine, the left engine, without problems. With CTRL + E, no problem, but that's not the subject. In the picture below you see that, although the fuel selector is in the BOTH position, the right engine is not O.K. While in auto mode both sides are O.K. If anyone had an idea ???
  4. cro


  5. cro


    Bonjour, le DR 400 est il compatible P3DV4.1 ?? Merci,
  6. The beaver was installed very well on the V.4, but problem on the V4.1
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