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  1. cro


  2. cro


    Bonjour, le DR 400 est il compatible P3DV4.1 ?? Merci,
  3. cro

    Aerosoft Beaver for P3D V4

    The beaver was installed very well on the V.4, but problem on the V4.1
  4. cro

    PBY Catalina help?

    Solution for retrieve ADF, but not DME!x55jAQLb!3GdjaDM99I7N_P9KdgU3gwrNCX9SFFL01wt1IGy9B4M
  5. cro

    PBY Catalina help?

    I had solved the problem (ADF, but not DME) by changing the "". I forgot who gave me this file, on this forum, sorry for him. I could give my MEGA link, by MP. Despite the update, ADF and DME, still does not work, I was forced to apply the above solution to find, only the ADF. P.S.: can I put on this forum my MEGA link ??
  6. cro

    PBY Catalina help?

    Hi / Bjr Where we can find this panel.cfg ??? to retrieve NDB & DME Thank you