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  1. I would be buying the bundle, but the a320/321 gets published later, so will it be that I have to wait until they get released before buying the bundle or will I automatically get the 20 and 21 when they get released? Thanks very much
  2. chris.edmunds

    Can't download TS2018

    Hi, I recently purchased Train Simulator 2018 and it says my order has not been processed yet, but I thought it was an instant download, am I missing something?
  3. Oh okay, sorry I thought I had to re-purchase the whole product - Thanks for the clarification
  4. But that But that's not I want, I was happy with the old versions and I was happy paying the small fee to upgrade to a better version. I only want it to work in P3D V4. I don't want to repurchase it again.
  5. Wait does this mean the update price of 16 euro will go for customers who already own the busses in other versions of flight sim? Will I have to fully buy the new version just to get it to work in P3D V4?
  6. chris.edmunds

    Aerosoft Airbus P3D V4

    Thanks That helped a lot. (:
  7. chris.edmunds

    Aerosoft Airbus P3D V4

    Will the 2018 Airbus Extended for P3D cost to upgrade if you already own the Airbus Extended?