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  1. Hey Eduard! Just of curiosity where are you from? Im from Hamburg, Germany but I have a brazilian mother thats because of the brazilian/portuguese name "Almeida".

  2. TAM A330-200 PT-MVH (old livery - "ORGULHO DE SER BRASILEIRA") with General Electric CF6 engines http://www.airliners.net/photo/TAM/Airbus-A330-203/917957/L?qsp=eJwtjbEOwjAMRP/FMwyItkM3mFgQGSokRiux2kghiRxXoqr67ziFzXfv9LyCTVHoI8OSCXoohGwnOEBGxneBfgX0HHyssG26plXGNPoijOJTvFiZMSg0w/H%2BvCktieW6aONQyExJ0siYJ3Ivdf/5gx2xTrDY/ddY9ad6EptfOncanS854C4jQR9g277KRjpn TAM A330-200 PT-MVP (new livery - Brazilian football team 2012 livery) with Pratt & Whitney PW4000 engines http://www.airliners.net/photo/TAM/Airbus-A330-223/2081833/L?qsp=eJwtjbEKwzAMRP9Fczs1yZCt3Us9hEJHYQvb4MZGVqAh5N
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