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  1. Me neither! I think it looks terrible especially the nose. I would like to know what was in the engineers head at Airbus when they designed that nose. And what makes me dislike the A350 more is that it has several visual characteristics of a Boeing aircraft....the tail, the landing gear etc. Anyway, its so cool that a commercial pilot has the same opinion as me. I always thought I was the only one who dislikes the A350. Dont get me wrong. I think its an amazing aircraft in terms of what incredible technology is in there. Me too. I think its the most beautiful Airbus aircraft. Last year I flew with an A340-600 of Iberia from Madrid to Sao Paulo and it was WONDERFUL. The 4 massive engines, the design, its length etc.. That aircraft and its smaller variants the A340-500 and A340-300 are Airbus most beautiful masterpieces in my opinion..
  2. We did forget the newly formed spanish airline Plus Ultra Lineas Aereas 3xA343 (fleet size: 4 aircrafts) , the south american Surinam Airways 1xA343 (fleet size: 4 aircrafts) and the pacific Air Tahiti Nui 5xA343 (fleet size: 5 aircrafts) all 3 airlines which are dependant on their A340s for the long hauls source: Planespotters.net
  3. I agree on that. It just looks like a mini mini version of the A350. Both have a very similar front. A front/nose design which looks pretty odd to me in my opinion. But if we will have to choose between a modern REGIONAL aircraft then I would definitely go for the Embraer E-Jets Second Generation E2. Beautiful Brazilian made regional aircraft with very nice designed wings.
  4. Please read my post more precisely. I wrote that the A340 is the most beautiful aircraft "Airbus" has ever produced not "in the world"
  5. I like Embraer and yes it would be nice to have a Aerosoft quality E 190/95 but even though Im Brazilian I would go for the A340 series first and build on the A330 base before its too late.
  6. Because the A340 is the most beautiful aircraft Airbus has ever produced (may it be the A340-300, A340-500 or the A340-600)! If you look at the social media you can see many A340-600 fans who cant stop glorifying this beauty. The A340-600 was THE masterpiece before the A380 came. I mean... how is it possible to not love the A340. I do own the PMDG 777 myself but I also want to fly longhauls with an Airbus and the A340 would be just perfect for that. It would be just unfair if the Boeing lovers got their PMDG 777 but the Airbus lovers never would have their Aerosoft A340 just because its not up to date anymore. We Airbus fans never had a chance to fly a good version of a A340 at a time where the A340s were still very popular. But of course the final decision remains at Aerosoft and we have to respect that whatever decision it will be.
  7. Airbus A340 Pilot, I also love the A340 and Im also crazy towards a Aerosoft A340 but let them do their work. By playing with speculations and asking of a promise of something which is impossible for a such short amount of time you are automatically pushing them so calm down. The wait will pay off
  8. Hey Eduard! Just of curiosity where are you from? Im from Hamburg, Germany but I have a brazilian mother thats because of the brazilian/portuguese name "Almeida".

  9. TAM A330-200 PT-MVH (old livery - "ORGULHO DE SER BRASILEIRA") with General Electric CF6 engines http://www.airliners.net/photo/TAM/Airbus-A330-203/917957/L?qsp=eJwtjbEOwjAMRP/FMwyItkM3mFgQGSokRiux2kghiRxXoqr67ziFzXfv9LyCTVHoI8OSCXoohGwnOEBGxneBfgX0HHyssG26plXGNPoijOJTvFiZMSg0w/H%2BvCktieW6aONQyExJ0siYJ3Ivdf/5gx2xTrDY/ddY9ad6EptfOncanS854C4jQR9g277KRjpn TAM A330-200 PT-MVP (new livery - Brazilian football team 2012 livery) with Pratt & Whitney PW4000 engines http://www.airliners.net/photo/TAM/Airbus-A330-223/2081833/L?qsp=eJwtjbEKwzAMRP9Fczs1yZCt3Us9hEJHYQvb4MZGVqAh5N8rh2y6e8fTBjbPQj%2BZ1kIwQiVkG%2BACBRm/FcYNMHKKc4N9N3S9MiYfqzBKzPPdyoJJoZmuz7dRWjPLY9XGoZAJWbJnLIHcR90nf7Ej1glWe/zyTX9rJ7E506DRxVoSHjISjAn2/Q/Nqjpx TAM A330-200 PT-MVA (new livery) with Pratt & Whitney PW4000 engines
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