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  1. "Scalpers"! Guys that reported that the ACFT is online, have all RTX3090 cards in the signature
  2. I know that but I've seen this sort of behaviour also on other PW ACFT and other platform. I just wanted to tell the OP that he might not have an ILS or NAV problem if the ACFT finds the way down to the RWY.
  3. This is due to the fact that you have those "Cockpit interaction" maped in a wrong / other way. Go under controls and choose the default profile for the mouse. The buttons will be mapped "as they are intended" and a short right then left click of your mouse (over the center buttons) will press it
  4. @FSHomeCockpit both your pictures show the wind coming from the left so I think the CRJ will track the RWY a bit to the left. I suggest you try the same approach (maybe fly a circuit) but with clear weather preset.
  5. @Eric Morin remove any liveries (or even empty the community folder)
  6. Well...for starters you can create new empty profiles and see if you can start the ENG. If it starts then you know for sure that the other profile has somethiunk killing it so either you map everything you need in your new profile or search in the old one for engine controls, fuel, mixture, ....etc.
  7. Just my personal impression and 2ct... Since I don't realy sit in a real airplane and don't feel my butt (or body) pushed to the back or sides or whatever, I personaly tend to like overdone sounds because thats the only thing that gives me the sense of power, acceleration, etc. I realy can't imagine a real soundkit where everything is dull or muted and only ATC can be heard. And yes I like to hear noises that are not there in real like spooling up of some stupid fans or ...you name it... So basicaly I do like the sondkit but I think that the actual one is good enough not to temper it with 3rd party kits.
  8. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  9. Well the best way would be to share the FPLN with us. If its reproducable, then there are high hopes that the DEV will find the culprit.
  10. Guys, I think we have to wait on this till the final update of the sim is going to be released.
  11. @hawkhero856 So here you go....the DEV was quick on this... If you start on a RWY, MSFS assumes you have already got your TO clearance and no other commands are available at that time --> same goes for all other standard ACFT (just check them). As soon as you TO, ATC commands come alive again .
  12. Reproduced. I will report it to the DEV and add it to the list.
  13. @mschultzi I dont think anybody is beeing that transparent. I do understand the need for customers to glimps and have a feel of whats going on but it won't help you much and will surely lead to other endless discussions: why is my number one priority bug not on the list? etc. We need all to understand that the sim platform is evolving and constantly changing and if something breaks, it needs to be fixed on high priority. Other changes affect e.g. the interaction and since it works (with the right-left click) it is no showstopper and maybe moves down the list which would again lead to discussions if these lists were open. This is just an example and I personaly also do not favor the new interaction system . Thus beeing said I think it is clear that all products (including the CRJ) will receive updates and new functions (TERR and WY radar) when the SDK/SIM alowes it.
  14. @hawkhero856 I must admit I never start on RWY (you miss all the nice Cold and Dark stuff) but I will try it out. What did you set up as default panel state in the EFB (so we have the same settings)?
  15. So you only have this issue when starting on the runway?
  16. @M4cD with all due respect I suggest to read my post with nill emotions. I'm also not a native english speaker and yes...the written word is prone to misinterpretation... The forum Netiquette states clearly on the first page of this forum to NOT post lists. I still took my time to respond to the OP one by one and where I thought I need more information, I clearly and politely asked for it. The forum FAQ also states clearly to not post for support in the General area, and I still took my time to answer one by one as good as I could. The forum etiquette also states "Please search the forum before posting" which was not done due to the fact that the OP came with "BUGS" already discussed a lot (and some of them not beeing "marked" as bugs). ---So here you go and judge the OP and me on these three facts--- I also asked for the OP to give me / us specific FPLN to try to reproduce things he reported. So judge me again.... I also asked him to open topics about the sound issue so that I / we can offer support on that. Judge me again... Now.... discussing over and over again on topics like cockpit interraction and clickspots and things that have been covered and have been discussed and answered a lot, then using terms like "I don't need excuses" and "I want it to work properly" by properly meaning "how I like and want it" is definately not realy civilized or is it? So did I put up a "tone" as a reply to these statements? Sure I did but I also offered the facts (where I could). Is the CRJ 100% codeproof? No it is not and there will always be room for improvements...
  17. OP continued the discussion in the linked thread and found the solution. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  18. @hawkhero856 Test 1: Make new EMPTY profiles for all your controllers (including Mouse) -> test working? --> YES --> then you do have a button binding..... --> NO --> Test 2: Unplug your controllers leaving just your Mouse -> test
  19. Please provide us a curvy route It works properly since the new cockpit interaction is offered by the sim and was introduced with SU5 (also the fix provided from ASOBO did not work...again please do read our forum) Please open another topic for this. AFAIK the Marketplace-Version had some bad files. I do not have this issue and also no tester is reporting it. This is a bit rude. AS will not redesign the SIM and if clickspots are that big then yeah...due to the 3D perspective you could have one clockspot blocking another (also in a real cockpit you would have to lean foreward or move your hand around the Yoke or other stuff to reach some of the buttons. So please do adjust your cameras to avoid the overlapping of the clickspots . Yeah...it's as simple as that... Please provide FPLN / PIC / VID so we can test and report to the DEV. And again your lack of information does show since this is again a sim limitation at this point (read the other forum and you will see that also other modders are aware of).
  20. You should not enter Gates in POS INIT. There are a lot of sceneries and some NAV databases out there and by no chanche you will get "good" coordinates entering gates.
  21. FMC - can't comment on that one LNAV - works quite good on my end HOLD - I've read that its not that good SPEED - works on my end 100% of the time BARO - have you read the FAQ portion and the gazillion threads regarding cockpit interaction?????? No sounds - have you read the post regarding the marketplace version of the CRJ? CLR - do you know that clickspots are determined by the SIM and NOT by the CRJ?? Phantom... - had some of those but very seldom (it is reported) EFB - Yes...it has been discussed again a gazillion of times why it has to be like that N/W steering works 100% (maybe you forgot abot the NW Steering switch) .... ...so pretty much of what you list here is well... And Yes...you did also forget about "Do not post lists".
  22. This is beacause you are not on Legacy controls (You use Lock instead...please switch to legacy)
  23. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
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