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  1. Mit -beta lief der Installer schon los, machte sein Ding ohne Fehlermeldung, schuf jedoch keine Ordner oder Dateien unter v5 Gauges. Mit /beta lief der Installer los, gab eine Meldung das es auf den TFDi Server nach dem letzten BETA suchen würde (Meldung die man bestätigen sollte), machte sein Ding und tadaaaa, die Einträge unter v5 Gauges waren da.
  2. @Hans Hartmann [DE] Ja! Das hat geklappt jedoch mit /beta anstatt -beta. [EN] Yes! It finaly worked but using /beta instead of -beta.
  3. Whenever I try to launch the installer there are 2 error entries in Windows. TrueGlass Error1.txt TrueGlass Error2.txt
  4. @Hans Hartmann So I redownloaded the package from AS Shop and the installation of TrueGlass (and RAAS) failed again. Under AS CRJ Pro v5 -> Data -> Support Files, RAAS is specified to be for P3Dv4 (and also fails to install). I wonder if the TrueGlassInstaller is also somehow the wrong one. Removing the P3D v4 PATH as instructed above, cancels the installation completely (don't see the TrueGlass splashscreen either)
  5. @Hans Hartmann no joy Hans. There was a single v4 entry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Lockheed Martin created (I think) by registering the SDK since all P3D versions were listed. Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Lockheed Martin there were only the v5 entries. After deleting the v4 key and running the CRJ installer, I saw again the TrueGlass installer at the end but it did not seem to have completed and no folders were created (neither the previous v4 folder, nor the folder under v5 gauges).... I'm a bit lost....
  6. Tried to run the installer with /beta and it did not create the v5HF2 folders / files. This is a possibility but I will not be able to remove all reg entries by myself..... Did you previously had v4 on your PC? I will redownload the installer but I hardly believe that it will change anything! PS1: There are other topics in the Airbus section of users having the same issue... PS2: Another DEV had some issues with the installers when the users OS would be in other language then english (my OS is in German but I prefer running flight sim related apps in English)
  7. Here another finding... I reinstalled the CRJ and it automaticaly created a P3Dv4 folder containing only the Gauges Folder with TrueGlass stuff inside. !!!I completely removed P3Dv4 and have only v5 on my PC. I also installed the P3Dv5 version of the CRJ!!!
  8. @masterhawk nope...not there! No .DLL no folder no anything (fresh install).
  9. Hello guys, just few days back I got rid of my P3Dv4.5 install and went for v5HF2. Are windshield effects working on your side? MY PC shows NILL entries regarding True Glass an neither inside the CRJ install folder there are NILL support files for it's manual installation? BR, Gerald
  10. @embraceentropy From your shots I see you used Delta livery. I tried both available Deltas and this is how the cockpit looks on my end: This picture is taken at DUSK! This one is daytime! I think that the only solution you have is to hit that Delete Generated Files button or to try a Repair on P3Dv4 (both actions could lead to loosing some of your installed AddOn's if they are not installed with the XML method).
  11. @mopperle calibrating the monitor would not help in this case since the picture he posted is realy dark on my end to... @embraceentropy I think also think that something got messed up in your P3D config. REX TD and SC should not have impacted the cockpit. Something interesting did caught my eye in your settings: Shadows Casting and Receiving! Can you disable some of the internal stuff? Also you have External Vehicle to cast shadows yet there is no aircrasft shadow seen in your first post....
  12. This is way too dark indeed. What REX AddOn do you mean when you say "After restoring defaults in REX..."? Are you certain you have not applied any other shaders like PTA, ENVSHADE, Tomato, (Cucumbers <- this is a joke),...? What about HDR lighting in P3D? Is it on?
  13. This will help you when looking outside through the window ;). Can you maybe upload a picture of the "dark" cockpit? Do you use some shader modifier?
  14. @colz99 I can confirm this oddity. This is indeed strange and a case for @Hans Hartmann Just tried different approaches for changing the SID and all of them failed. I don't know if it's something to do with the latest update since I have not flown the CRJ a while now (due to X-Mas, family and stuff).
  15. I just tried to change the SID exactly as you did and it worked on my end (I didn't insert the complete FPL, just played with the SID). I used: P3Dv4.5.13 CRJ900 Pro ( D-ACNN Livery AIRAC 1912 If you want me to further test your flight then pls share the complete FPL, SIM, CRJ version and livery.
  16. Can you reproduce this behaviour? If YES, can you share your FPLN with the wrong SID then the new SID so I can test it on my end? Thank you!
  17. Crash during DIR TO.


    Jonas thank you very much for the fix. I generaly parked the plane since flying it on VATSIM was impossible without using DIR TO's! Done now 5 flights already with some DIR TO's and NO CRASH AT ALL!


    Vielen vielen Dank!

    Best wishes,


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