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  1. Version 1.0


    This is the repaint of the French Air Force COTAM001 A330, used by for French President. Enjoy guys and let me know if you have some issues with the livery (the text to add in the aircraft cfg is included in the texture folder)
  2. oh yes my bad I totally forgot to modify that !! sorry, will reupload that in 5 minutes
  3. okay, thanks for telling me that, enjoy flying with my livery
  4. did you take the text I included in the livery or on my post's description ? no need to complet the model line but try to paste first the folder of the livery and then modify the aircraft.cfg, also tell me where you put the texture folder ?
  5. did you include the [FLTSIM.XX] text in the aircraft.cfg and replaced by a number following the last entry you have ?
  6. Version 2.1


    Air France livery updated to 2.1, see description for more infos [FLTSIM.X] title = Aerosoft A333 professional AirFrance F-GZCA sim = A330-343 model = panel = sound = texture = F-GZCA kb_checklists = AirbusA333_check kb_reference = AirbusA333_ref atc_id = F-GZCA atc_airline = AIR FRANCE atc_flight_number = 1000 ui_manufacturer = Airbus ui_type = A330-343 ROLLS-ROYCE ui_variation
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