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    Hola. Por favor. Tengo P3D v3.4. Es compatible el escenario de Madrid? Si no lo es, de que manera lo puedo o podré utilizar? No todos tenemos el P3D v4..... !!! Gracias
  2. Rovari

    Airbus A320 Vueling EC-MNZ SHARKLET

    no puedo bajarmelo. me dice archivo corrupto!
  3. Rovari

    engines with different power

    Hello How can I FIX the following problem The engine 1 is at its maximun power when the engine 2 is at IDLE (BOTH THROTLES are at CERO (idle) too. Hola como puedo solucionar este problema que me IMPIDE VOLAR. El motor 1 està al maximo de su potencia estando las palancas en posicion de IDLE. Se ruega notar que el motor 2 esta perfectamente indicando un porcentaje de 19,2. AYUDA POR FAVOR! gRACIAS
  4. Hi When connected to IVAO with IVAP, the buttons of the panel of the Airbuses do not work. They produce sound (click click) but they do not work. I have to switch the SIM off in oder to open it again. They work without IVAP. How to solve?= Thanks Ric
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    NAVIGRAPH Airacs

    I have done it!!!!! I modify it with the Airbus Configurator!
  6. Rovari

    NAVIGRAPH Airacs

    Maybe this is not the correct place to post my question, but I have not found anyother place to post it. I have updated with the NAVIGRAPH FMS DATA MANAGER the latest airac information. This information is not shown in the cockpit of my Airbuses (all tipes, 318, 319, 320 and 321). It indicates one already obsolete, I think it was november 2015. There is nothing at all in the other line.... (Picture is attached for easy of reference) How to fix this problem? I have p3d v.3.4 Thanks 2017-1-9_13-18-2-462.bmp