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  1. Long way from home, a Loganair Otter over the Isles of Scilly. Jerry
  2. One of the favourites in operation again....the CRJ 700, seen here crossing southern England on its way to Bristol. Such a great add on. Joy to fly and a great model. Jerry
  3. Hi Mathijs, I seem to be getting a payment problem too. Trying to pay with a VISA credit card, all goes well until the system redirects to the mollie.nl safe payment site after I have entered my card details. Tried several times but the same result Any ideas what the problem is ? thanks Jerry ++++++problem solved. After 5 or 6 attempts on different browsers, it finally showed the payment confirmation page. Perhaps too many people also trying to purchase the Twin Otter at the same time !!! But problem solved so the Otter is now being added to my hanger ++++
  4. And another screenshot of the CRJ1000. Perhaps an award for the most boring livery, the new LH paint-job is so bland. Surely they could have come up with something better than this. Autumn light over Olbia, Sardinia and the CRJ departing. Jerry
  5. Seems to be only at one particular place. I also could not reproduce it at other airports so perhaps it was a mesh problem. Jerry
  6. I second that comment....another great add-on. It is also good to have more choice and to be able to fly with a bit more weight. And compared with some of the add-on aircraft, not a lot of money for the upgrade. Jerry
  7. The latest addition to my hangar, the CRJ 1000. Looking good ! The only problem is going to decide if it will be the CRJ 700 or the 1000 for the flight...... Jerry
  8. Excited to try out the CRJ1000 tonight and certainly felt the extra weight at MTOW. Another great add-on !! One question, is the contact point for the nosewheel correct ?, as it seems to be sinking in the ground......promise that it was not my landing. Jerry
  9. I keep watching the departure monitors hoping to see a 'NOW BOARDING' for the Twin Otter. It has been a long wait but I am sure that it will be worth it. Rome was not built in a day, and a good wine takes time, so I am remaining in my seat until called for boarding. Then the credit card will be out in a flash..... Jerry
  10. Thanks for all the replies above.... I live and I learn. So know I know. Thanks again for the replies. Jerry
  11. Any real World CRJ pilots who can answer a couple of questions from me ? In the Aerosoft manuals for the CRJ, it says that the spoilers cannot be used below 300 feet agl. If I am on short finals will full (45 degree) flaps but am too fast, why is it not allowed to use the spoilers? I can only guess that it might be something to do with climb performance after a go-around, but this is just a guess. Second question for CRJ real-World pilots......if a CRJ 500/700 flies into icing conditions WITHOUT having the cowl anti-ice or wing anti-ice on (and if the pilot does not see the EICAS warning) is the CRJ affected as quickly by ice as it is in MSFS2020 ?? The icing effects in MSFS2020 on the CRJ seem to be severe and fast, but how is it in real life ? Great aircraft and also a great model by Aerosoft. Jerry
  12. Having a lot of fun learning the systems and operation of the CRJ700. A superb add-on aircraft by Aerosoft, well worth the wait and also well worth the money.....loving it !! One photo of the CRJ700 parked at Bastia Airport, Corsica. Jerry
  13. I agree, a great add-on and even if it does have a few bugs, a joy to fly. Thanks Aerosoft. Jerry
  14. Early morning departure out of Trondheim Vaernes, with the runway visible behind the right wing tip. Jerry
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