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  1. I can see 548L and 548R in the list in "starting location" But cannot seem to find 548 anywhere.
  2. Hi there, I tried to find gate 548 and select it for use but its not in the list. Is there any reason why some gates are not available for selection?
  3. I've solved it.. Seems i did not select the FTX Norway box. You can close this as solved
  4. Hi everyone, It seems since installing this into P3D 4.2 i have some sort of elevation issue by the terminal area. I have added a photo, I am running ORBX Vector but i can't seem to find any files to disable in there. Does anyone have any ideas?
  5. Hi everyone, I'm just wondering if this can be installed outside the main P3D folder? It seems to set the default install location on the C drive. With previous products i think it automatically set the sim root folder with the installer. I don't know if this is something new that aerosoft has done or if i'm just thinking its new. If i can install this on another drive vs my main P3D folder that will be great as it will save up some space. Thank you!
  6. Great news that most of it is complete. Hope all the testing goes well! Well done everyone!
  7. Hi Herman, Thank you for the reply. I thought they were going to be a FPS hit but i was wrong, I have left them alone. The scenery looks incredible!
  8. Hi there, Is there a way to turn off the static aircraft? Can't seem to find any config with the scenery
  9. Hi guys, Trying to do a real world flight out of Gate 246 at Heathrow, It doesn't seem to appear in the P3D selection. Any idea why? It's there on the scenery.
  10. Another great Friday update. Thank you.. Can't wait to be flying this!
  11. Thank you Tom. I just wasn't sure if the other shops will be listing the new Buses for sale.
  12. Hi all, Sorry if this has been asked, ( I can't seem to find an answer ) I already own the Airbus Bundle purchased via fspilotshop. Now i understand there is going to be a discount for those already owning that bundle when buying the new one, However will that still apply to me? Considering i did not purchase the bundle directly from Aerosoft? If i did purchase the new bundle from Aerosoft would my current serial number give me that discounted version? Thank you.
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