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  1. Chelesty

    Brussels International preview

    At this point in time, I'd have anything I could get. It's a shame it isn't happening through Aerosoft but at least our demands are met.
  2. Chelesty

    Brussels International preview

    I have tried it in fact! It certainly does the job if all you're going for the operational accuracy, but I just like the eye candy too much haha. But I do have it loaded in just in case I need it. EDIT: Nice username btw, Keukenrol :p
  3. Chelesty

    Brussels International preview

    Interestingly enough, the best scenery out there for any Belgian airport in my opinion is Antwerp Airport (EBAW) and it's freeware. Too bad that airport only handles Fokker 50's and Embraer E-jets irl. I know because I was born and raised in Antwerp lol. So if EBBR gets done, you can bet your rear end I will get that airport, I need that sexy A/T terminal and connector building in my P3D life.
  4. information on the A320 and A321, and after that the A330 lol
  5. Chelesty

    Brussels International preview

    I'm really interested in seeing this airport get done and released. We lack EBBR, perhaps the only forgotten capitol airport scenery for P3D. Which is surprising to me because it's a really fun airport imo.
  6. Chelesty

    Connected Flight Deck

    In the odd case the dedicated server should go down, do we at least have the option to do a direct connection still?