We got a new video from World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator and are asking for some alpha/beta testers! Check this post.


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  1. I highly appreciated this kind attention. It's the kind of behaviour where Aerosoft shows its great respect of its customer, and that they are something more than a simple software compagny.
  2. found tonight on simviation.com a texture update for pilots to have red cap, like Commandant Cousteau's one.
  3. Tahiti X Aerosoft + Discus X Aerosoft, on IVAO (PF division)
  4. surely one of the nicest one made by Aerosoft .... splendid
  5. Lysander at Bora Bora (Aerosoft Lysander, Aerosoft Tahiti X) P4 3.2 GHz, 8600GT...
  6. really a dream for simmers who like gliding !!!
  7. no atc (I prefer IVAO's ones), no tower mode, no kiosk, no video capture (I prefer fraps or cam to share). No rewards used, some rare adventures, those we bought in our softs or find freeware are often more interesting. Uneasy to change smoothly in external view, especially zoom, when making a video, to be upgraded. Hand made weather is nice when you want to practise some exercies, like crosswind landing, or holding pattern with wind. Except this case, only real weather. So I think real weather should be a prioritary mode. Thermics for glider should be better. Either you see, either not. unsatisfying. Very hard to create things like thermals, to be improved.
  8. a very nice realisation, with a lot of realistic details, congratulations.
  9. very interested too in your australian repaint when avaible. It looks fantastic.
  10. As Director of French Polynesia division on IVAO, I would like to thanks all the pilots who came to share this piece of paradise, and more, to thanks Aerosoft for creating this excellent scenery for the FSX users. The French Polynesia is now really a place to enjoy, and to discover. On IVAO, on other networks, or offline, you will appreciate it like a jewel in your computer. Friendly, Yann, PF-DIR/EC
  11. Always a good new to hear that our part of paradise will be improved ! nice to get it for the IVAO.aero event in March !
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