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  1. Do you think it's better if I get an Xbox for Microsoft's new flight simulator rather than a new gaming laptop? It's much cheaper, and price is a big constraint for me. I intend to use Microsoft's new flight simulator coming in 2020, and that is compatible with Xbox. But can I use my flight-stick with an Xbox? I have the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick. Also, will the addons be compatible with the Xbox version? Thanks, Rish.
  2. But can I get a better laptop or a better deal in 2020 as compared to this year?
  3. So should I buy it this year or in 2020? And should I buy a specific laptop or should a look for certain hardware specifications(like Intel i7, Nvidia GTX 1060)? I know this sounds silly, but is it possible to solve the laptop overheating problem by keeping an ice pack under it?
  4. So is this better than buying a new gaming laptop? I mean upgrading to the RX570 8GB and 16 GB RAM. Also, are there any compatibility issues with the RX570, being a modern graphics card, and my processor being an old one? Is it worth replacing the processor and other components?
  5. Can I solve my original Aerosoft Airbus problem by buying a graphics card like the AMD Radeon RX570 8GB for my AMD FX-4300 processor PC and upgrading the RAM to 16 or 32 GB?
  6. Ok, but I really want a laptop because it's portable, so I can't buy a PC. But I can wait till the new Microsoft Flight Simulator is released. Should I buy a laptop now or will I get a better deal in 2020? Unfortunately, I live in India where electronics cost a lot more than what they do in the US, so even the $1000 USD laptops might cost more in India. Nevertheless, I can save enough money to buy something even slightly above $1000 USD. Also, do you know when in 2020 the new simulator is going to release? And should I buy a specific laptop or should I look for certain requirements(like Intel
  7. Ok, I can buy a new laptop, but a PC would be difficult. Can you please suggest some PCs and laptops under $1000 USD? I will try for the PC but a laptop would be better. I can upgrade the RAM on the laptop, if needed. Thanks, Rish
  8. Hi all, I can't seem to use the Aerosoft A320-21 on FSX Steam Edition with the following hardware specs: AMD FX-4300 Quad-Core 3.8 GHz Processor 8GB RAM (7.5 GB usable) Integrated Graphics If the graphics card is a problem, I can buy a new one. I was just wondering whether to buy the GeForce 730GT 4GB or the GeForce GT 1030 2GB graphics card. These 2 are preferred as they are quite cheap in my region. I need all the specs to work properly even if I buy more complex aircraft like the PMD
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