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  1. Thanks for the info on those parts. I'll look into it. The IT guy who does computer work for the place for which I work said he could help me build the computer (for a fee, of course ). A system like that will make FSX do a ton more that it does now! And, yes, my computer handles FSX only marginally....at best. Very true. Anyway...thanks again for help. Cheers, Ted
  2. Hi Tom...Thanks for your reply. I figured the 293 number was the relevant one, but wasn't totally sure. Someone at work set me straight too. Of course, I'm sorry if I incited a battle between FS9 & FSX users. I'm sure they're BOTH great sims. The origin of my inquiry was just to find out which sim would be more appropriate for my circa 2006 gaming laptop. FS9 would probably have been a better match with my computer, but I have so much invested in FSX addons, etc, that switching to FS9 at this point might be tough. I think what I'll probably do is save my money for one of the Jetline Systems high-end desktops on which to run FSX. I know that some flight simmers have the computer know-how to build superior systems at 1/2 the price, but I'm not one of them! I'm hoping one of those high-end rigs will run FSX well "right out of the box." No tweaking/overclocking in my future...I hope anyway! I mean, I just wouldn't know how. So, for now I'm just going to save my money for better computer on which to run FSX. I'm a "student pilot" anyway, so GA aircraft flying in FSX is fine for me at the moment. In fact, still VERY challenging (ya know...right turn, right rudder...that sort of thing...I forget sometimes!). Anyway, when I upgrade my computer I'll hopefully be able to look into some more advanced planes/sceneries. It will be a great day indeed when I can fly the F-16 around Manhattan X. For now it's the C152 around very small towns! It's all good though because this is the greatest hobby on Earth, and will only get better as time goes on, and computers get that much faster. 'Course my eyes won't be getting any better. Cheers, Ted
  3. Hi Mathijs...that's a good point you make. I just have some thinking to do. I hope you don't mind, but I have a quick question about hard disk space. How much of the total hard disk space should be used? 80% of total hard disk space? 85%? 90%? Here's my current hard disk space reading: Used Space: 174 GB Free Space: 118 GB Capacity: 293 GB Now, I supposedly have a 320 GB HD, but it says the capacity is 293. Is it actually 293 GB? If I shouldn't have my hard drive filled up more than 85%, then 85% X 293 GB (hard drive capacity) = 249 GB (should have no more than this used). 249 GB - 174 GB (used) = 75 GB (left to use). Do I have this right? Ted
  4. Yes, that's what I'm thinking I should do, but I'm not sure I can live with that. I think I'm the type of person where it's either all FSX or all FS9. Again, FSX runs okay for me, but I'm "somewhat limited" in the complexity of the addons I can purchase since my computer is a 2006 gaming rig. FSX does fine on my computer flying GA aircraft, but if I want a PMDG or LD planes a major airports...well...I can't have that. Wouldn't even try. Wouldn't want to see FPS as negative numbers! The thing is, I'm not 100% sure I want the big planes. The GA-type stuff is fine for me. I just don't know. It's tough because my FSX is "just okay." Definitely not bad. Not at all. The thing is, it's not good either. It's right in the middle. Also, I have a ton of addon products (mostly airplanes that work on my machine, and photoscenery). Takes up a lot of disk space. If I install FS9, I'll probably want it "full-featured," not just minimally set up. So, in the end still don't know what to do. I'll figure it out at some point! Ted
  5. Yeah, I think I'll probably just stay with FSX right now. After all, it DOES run "reasonably well." Sure, there are addons I canNOT get, but that can wait till I upgrade my computer at some point. I'm still not sorry I purchased FS9 for $20 (brand new too). Who knows, might come in handy someday. Thanks to everyone who responded! Sincerely, Ted
  6. Hello All, I currently have FSX on a "low end" gaming computer. FSX runs "okay," on my system but not great. I've been advised to get FS9, and just ordered a new copy from Amazon.com (didn't think one could still get this software). By the way, here are my computer specs: *Dell XPS M1710 *Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T7200 *2GHz/667MHz/ 4MB *256MB NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900 *4 GB Ram *320GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive *Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition Again, FSX runs "alright" on my rig, but I certainly canNOT run complex scenery or fly high-end planes, etc, unless I want frame rates in the low single digits! So...my question: Is this a good move for me? I assume it is, but I need advice. With FS9, will I be able to purchase more complicated planes and more complex scenery and still have decent frame rates? Will the overall quality of the scenery be improved over what-you-can-imagine I'm getting now with FSX on my circa 2006 gaming computer? Is this maybe a "no brainer" for someone with my computer specs? I've heard so many good things about FS9, and since it's apparently still available (this was a surprise to me), I thought this just might be the ticket for me. Thanks for any advice! Sincerely, Ted
  7. Thanks a lot for that link. Hadn't seen that! Guess that puts my potential fears to rest. Ted
  8. Hi Mathijs...I'm one of those who's running FSX on a very low-end gaming computer. My computer is probably in the 15-20th percentile of all systems running FSX. As a result, there's a lot of hope in me for what FSX could be with a computer system out in the next 2-3 years...something like that. I certainly hope my question here is a "stupid one:" Is there any possibility that FSX would NOT run on a future gaming computer running Windows 7? I ask because when I next buy a computer, I'd imagine the post-Vista OS will be standard. Any thoughts on this? Ted
  9. Hi Mathijs...I will, of course, defer to your expertise and experience on this issue. Being relatively new to FSX, I'm still trying to figure things out. I was under the impression that all applications should be closed when running FSX, but if I can have a "good" PDF reader open simutaneously, that would be ideal for reading manuals, etc while running FSX. I'll download Foxit today (have Adobe currently for reading PDF files). Thanks for that tip on on that software. Sincerely, Ted
  10. Hi Shaun...Just bought the FSX Cheyenne X the other day. Looking forward to learing how to fly it! To that end, looks like the documentation is extensive, which I think is good. Is it okay to have the manuals/pdf files printed? I ask because I of course don't want to have any other applications open while I'm in FSX. Want to have the appropriate manuals/pdf files printed in front of me on my desk. Thanks in advance, Ted
  11. After some serious setting adjustments, I'm getting @ 25 fps with VFR London on my "not-the-fastest-gaming-computer-on-the-Planet" machine. My computer specs are pretty modest as follows: * XPS M1710, Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T7200 (2GHz/667MHz/ 4MB) * 4 GB Ram * 256MB NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900 (would cost @ $700 to upgrade to 512MB NO WAY!!!) * 320GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive * Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition I'll be honest...at first I thought buying this product was a mistake. I just thought my computer just couldn't handle it, but, making the proper adjustments to the settings makes it a great sight-seeing experience. Why am I posting this? Well, to give hope to those (like myself) that want a product(s) like VFR London, but who wouldn't go around bragging about his computer specs. There's hope for us!!! Congrats to Aerosoft on this product! Sincerely, Ted
  12. Thanks, Marc! Just want I needed. Cheers, Ted
  13. Another shot of Venice X at night. The lower-than-ideal FPS (had the quality turned WAY up) was NO adverse factor as I was flying "low and slow" to take in all the sights. Very relaxing. Definitely would be a shame to take a Level-D or PMDG giant over THIS area. I'd certainly love to see Aerosoft use their expertise to do many of the great cities of the world. Will definitely be getting VFR London, and can't wait for Manhattan X (I live one hour north of Manhattan, and lived there as a young boy). Message to Aerosoft: Keep up the great work! Ted
  14. Hi Shaun...I think that just might be the solution. Damn, you're good! Thanks for that. If this shot doesn't convince everyone to buy Venice X, I don't know what will. No matter how tough a day I've had, a quick "slow and low" night flight around Venice X makes everything okay again. Thanks again for your help. Best Regards, Ted
  15. Interesting video, but surely such beautiful scenery as provided by the Lord Howe package would seem to me to lend itself better to the proverbial "low and slow" flying mindset. Nonetheless, I did enjoy the video. Ted
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