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  1. I am confused :/ I already have EDDH for FS9.. What's new about this.. I also have Bremen.. Thanks! I don't what version I have now :/
  2. Hi there thanks for your help! I just check the scenery folder and have a ton of .blob files... :-/ Should I delete these... I will also download the latest version of Barcelona as I only have V1.0
  3. It says its already activated And I have the latest version!
  4. Hi All, Just loaded into LEBL and noticed that: 1) the old defualt scenery is showing through Terminal 2 and, 2) there is no tower but the rotating thing at the top is moving around... Had uninstalled and reinstalled but no use :/ Any ideas...
  5. Ah right! Ok no problem thanks very much for your help and I look forward to helping out Aerosoft in the near future!
  6. Hi Shaun, Thankyou for getting back to me Oh right, I see what the issue is now But still, if you have a look through the Stavangar X Topic, you will see that Mathjis Kok did say all people who have posted in the topic saying they wan to be a beta tester will get emailed to by Aerosoft... Regards, Tristan
  7. Dear Aerosoft, For your recent Stavanger X Product that has been released recently, I applied and emailed Aerosoft to become a Beta tester for this product. I was told that I Aerosoft would get in touch with everyone who applied when they got to the beta stage.. I have yet to recieve this email and I was quite excited to beta test for this product, and when I saw that this product was released, I was a bit disappointed Was just wondering if there were any reasons to why the email wasn't sent...? Of course I am still willing to offer my services to Aerosoft and would like to Beta Test more products in the future! Happy New Year to everyone! Regards, Tristan Marchent
  8. Mathijs, I asked if I could possibly beta test for this product and you said that you would email all the people who applied... From Previous preview thread..: I haven't had an email :/ Still very interested in testing other products for you guys Tristan
  9. Hi Shaun, Maybe being a bit too optimistic but I was flying the PMDG NGX.. So maybe that is the reason, online on IVAO although it was deserted at weeze, and REX! But as you said, I will try with a default aircraft such as the Cessna and will let you know Regards, Tristan
  10. Hi all, Today I flew the Ryanair service from Edinburgh to Weeze! when arriving in Weeze, when on approach and landing the frames were quite low, lower than any other sceneries like this :/ But when looking outside the frames were ok Just wondering if I can do anything? I haven't flown there in the day time yet. Will do soon! I would appreciate the help! Many thanks, Tristan M
  11. Hi There, I also have the problem with two catering trucks into eachother :/ Also, when I selected 'De-Ice aircraft' the jetway went away and the baggae loaders went down but did not go back and therefore there was no de-ice trucks arriving :/ Also the same with selecting no de-ice the baggage carts wouldnt go back to allow for pushback :/ So had to do manual pushback, this was with the 737NGX at ESSA Aerosoft Stockholm Arlanda Many Thanks, Tristan
  12. Hi All, I'm generally interested to find out what Aerosoft use to make their amazing high-quality sceneries for FSX/FS2004! I've been a long follower of Aerosoft, have alot of their products and they're really good quality! Do they use GMax or 3DSMax...? Regards, Tristan
  13. Mathijs, I dropped an email for beta testing to this email a few weeks ago, and no reply Regards, Tristan
  14. Mathijs, Any spaces on the beta team for this?? Would be interested! Many Thanks, Tristan
  15. Wow!!!! Can I ask how you get your runway lights to look like this!! Sooo crisp!!! Please, my lights look awful!! :'(
  16. Hi, I have installed LPFR - Faro X Into FSX but AES is not detecting it and therefore will not show up in my list of installed add-ons... :/ I have checked the Scenery library inside FSX and it is there, Priority Number 3 but still no sign of it being detected by AES. Could I have some Help. I do appreciate the support! Best Regards, Tristan Marchent
  17. Hi Guys, Umm... Where is the flight control lock? I see it is stated in the checklist but cant actually find it :/ Thanks!
  18. Hi All, I think/know some oil has been spilt on the bottom right of my windscreen... :/ and a bit on the engine cover! Have tried cleaning it but not working and its not getting rid of it Any help?? Regards, Tristan
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