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  1. how can i found the textures unlocked to make some modifications??
  2. Yes i understood.I meaned there is nothing to do at the cockpit(specific button e.t.c.) So flying lower is the best Thanks Shaun!!
  3. So, as far as i understood there is nothing to do about
  4. In one of my last flight from LGAV to LPMA Flying at FL370 i had the indication R OUTER FUEL TANK LOW TEMP and then randomly the same for RH INNER tank and the same for the left.I'd like to ask the reason and the actions i have to take Thanks Andreas
  5. Thanks but i still can't see in the list CorfuX!!!!!
  6. I have 2 problems. 1st i try to install Version 1.10 but the installer can't see the FSX.I put it manually but again can't recognize it. 2nd i can't find the small update 1.11 in the forum.I tried a lot but nothing.What i miss??
  7. Something else from me Mathijs I'm interesting in helping by being a beta test pilot
  8. WHY TO DO THAT?? The V2 is to eliminate bugs from v1 and to add new (better) features
  9. HEHE Guys Here is the topic for the update of the Airbus X!!! We all want something bigger (A330 or A340) But to a different topic of the forum.Let's leave the Aerosoft do it's job and read this topic to take feedback from the simmers only for this product. I hope you know what i want to say
  10. Grrrrrrrreeeaaaaattt NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully the advanced users will have the Airbus that they expected for so long Take your time to make it good Aerosoft!! PS.Finn... If there is any ''test pilot'' possition vacant i'll be glad to help Good day Andy
  11. Thankssssss:blush: About the workload .. i mean the use of airways in FMGS in flightplan route page and not point by point.Imagine a big journey how many points i have to fill.And as i see no possibility to save the route. Thanks again Andy
  12. I followed the forum before the release and there was a thinking about adding SID/STAR.Actually a version for advanced users.I bought the Airbus and while use in it i had the difficulties i mention above. My question is if you continue to have this thinking about this advance version.!!! Thanks Andy
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