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  1. VF-31 Tomcatters F-14A BuNo 161850

    This is a repaint of the VF-31 Tomcatters F-14A BuNo 161850 from the 1989 era. The aircraft was painted overall Gull Grey with full color markings and insignia.



  2. VF-101 Grim Reapers Tomato F-14B

    This paint scheme never saw combat and was short-lived. But it is still pretty cool. There are some other 'Tomato' repaints out there, but the markings are not correct. I did this one based on a bunch of reference photos I took from this was rolled out in September 1995 - so it is pretty accurate right down to the orange-tipped cigar the reaper is smoking. This was the cleanest Tomcat I ever saw - while it lasted. It was repainted back to tactical within a month. Might be good for some flight demo practice around Oceana. Enjoy 



  3. VF-103 Sluggers 206 F-14B

    This is a repaint of the VF-103 Sluggers F-14B BuNo 163227 as I saw it parked on the ramp at NAS Oceana back in April 1994. The aircraft was painted overall FS36320 Dark Ghost Gray with markings and insignia in Engine Gray FS36076. It was relatively clean having been recently repainted and shore-based for work-ups. I tried to keep the paint as close to what my photos showed.
    If you notice anything that needs fixing, contact me through the Aerosoft forum > dsem66
    Thanks, Dave
    PS: I just noticed another Sluggers repaint posted by Groom Lake! Sorry guys, this is a total coincidence - I have been working on my repaint for weeks prior. Well, if anybody wants an additional F-14B you got it.



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