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  1. Nothing from Aerosoft ! But a message from UPS - great Gérard
  2. You have it here Date format the european way (December 13) Gérard
  3. It would be great if you could give information on arrival date expected at your warehouse (like you did for the Alpha) Thanks Gérard
  4. Hi, I saw on FB that the first Honeycomb Bravo shipment arrived in US. Any information on expected EU arrivals (my order is from May). Thanks to Santa Claus Gérard
  5. Mark, Great finding - I will start to think about what make sense be connected to the Alpha and Bravo numerous switches I am really impatient to discover how the new Alpha/Bravo driver works ! I dream of an evolution which would give the possibility to write scripts attached to buttons (in lua or javascript which are now introduced by P3D V5.1). Gérard
  6. Thanks, It works fine. I hope PMDG could publish the varaibles names for the most usefull function (specially with the new coming Bravo TQ). Gérard
  7. Mark, I crossed check : no SDK folder for the DC6 on my installation; I just run again the installer - no option and no SDK folder... Let's wait the V5 version. As usual "will be ready when it will be ready".... Thanks for your answer. Gérard
  8. Hi Mark, Thanks for this utility ! I read carefully your manual, but I still have few questions. - I own only the DC6 (still waiting for V5 version...), is there a SDK for her, and where should I look on PMDG site (at least to know if...) - I use the "official" Yoke Interface for all my aircrafts. Should I still keep it running for PMDG aircraft or are they conflicting ? And the BIG one : as I should receive my Bravo TQ before the end of THIS year ;), do you intent to include support for it in the future ? Cheers Géra
  9. FSD developper announced that FYWB will be distributed by Aerosoft. Any date of availability ? Thanks - Gérard
  10. You must bind the button 22 to LIGHT OFF and 23 to LIGHT ON (or the way around according to your taste ... is UP On or Off , that is the question The same logic applies to each switches, linked to 2 so called "buttons" in the Yoke Input. Enjoy
  11. Hi Ben, I know that you in the process of updating the Yoke driver. Once more, thanks for that. I have a new suggestion : I am missing the possibility to select events repeat rate (Prepar3D offers none, slow, fast). This is very usefull depending of the aircraft. Would be nice if you could offer the same, as changing profile is easier than modifying the P3D control parameters. Thanks to consider it. And take care and stay home Gérard
  12. Hi Ben, I "nice to have" for the Yoke driver : in the P3D Honeycomb AddOn menu, would be nice to get the name of the profile loaded, as well as in the YokeInput. I have started to create various profiles and I never know which one is current Thanks - Gérard
  13. Could explain a little bit more a "drastical" change in policy compared to the Alpha Yoke. Are you becoming so confident in your success when you propose a 12 month time frame incertainty. Regards
  14. Hello, I am surprised to discover that the pre-order offer as disapeared from your site - but still no serious information on delivery. I am very dispointed - could you comment on this ? Regards - Gérard
  15. I asked " Wheelstand" supplier if they made some progress on this topic Gérard
  16. Hello, I asked this question directly to the supplier of wheelstand pro some weeks ago. He told me I just receive its Yoke and would look at it. So far no feedback - may be you could ask them to show that some people would be interested to buy it (see mail address on their site). Not very active Gérard
  17. Hello, Any update on the schedule with new pictures of the last design and maybe a review like for the yoke ? I am waiting a better estimate to put a "pre-order" Thanks Gérard
  18. Sorry, my question was not well spelled : in the templates distributed with the "driver", assignation of local variable don't specify a "unit" Take a look at any template - last lines "ButtonNumber": 34, [ ......] "ReleaseEvent": [ { "Variable": ">L:LEFT_LOWER_ignition", "Value": "0", I was expecting "Variable": ">L:LEFT_LOWER_ignition, enum" or something similar ... I understand you can only test 'equal' to ConditionValue, not 'greater' for example ? Thanks for
  19. Great ! Another question, if I may, concerning variables (A: L:, i.e. not event K:). in conditions A; or L: variables are specified with there format descriptor ("L:bus:Avionics:State, bool" or "A:GENERAL ENG GENERATOR ACTIVE:1, Bool"). but when assigning (local) variables, you don't specify one (">L:AB_VC_OVH_ExtLight_Nose_Sw"). In your conditions I only see bool variables. Could we have something like "Condition": "A:AIRSPEED INDICATED, Knots", "ConditionValue": "gt 300", To be frank, I don't see practical use of
  20. Thanks for the update, which raise some question : As suggested in your "changelog", I took a look to the updated templates. And I see the following examples : "Variable": ">K:TOGGLE_MASTER_BATTERY", or "Variable": "K:TOGGLE_GENALT_BUS1_CONTACT", Could you confirme that the first one, with ">" is the right syntax to use.... Thanks - Gérard
  21. Same here ... and I have Experimental Updates checked If I go through Honeycomb site, I have the October 15 version 1010 Gérard
  22. Yes - I am a retired IT project manager - I know the feeling Gérard
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