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  1. I'm trying to conduct my first flt in the CRJ and in the CDU I was trying to clear the wrong airport ID, initially I used the delete key and it cleared it but the word DELETE is still showing in the scratch pad and if I try and input the airport code in again it get's added after the DELETE. I tried to use the Clear key pad and nothing happens, it's like it's not enabled, instead of turning into a pointer when using the mouse it turn's into a Hand?
  2. I have an navigraph acct and I want to update the CRJ's AIRAC cycle in the aircraft, how is this done?
  3. Not sure how to turn down anything when the only option when installing it ask you if you have other UTX products installed? After that I'm just selecting it from the SELECT AIRPORT list and that's where it's hanging at 6%.
  4. Okay I just deleted and reinstalled AnchorageX and I still have the problem? It's only when I select PANC under the Select Airport Tab. The only thing I noticed when Installing was the fact that it took longer then normal time to install 3-4mins.
  5. I just installed AnchorageX and it keeps stopping at 6% when I select it in FSX, I've tried it three times and I get the same result?
  6. I'm about to install AnchorageX and on the setup window it ask if I use any additional terrain addons like UT Alaska? I do have Ultimate AlaskaX should check check the box or not? I'm not sure if the product UT Alaska and Ultimate AlaskaX do the same thing?
  7. Okay I have it worked out now, I had to move FSDT to the top of FSX scenery library! It kinda funny because it was always above the USCITYX LAS VEGAS entry? I just followed T/S from FSDT. Anyway now I have alot of elevation and sinkholes in the city of Las Vegas ]http://
  8. I'm having issues as well with this two products and I didn't find any update or patch on FSDREAMTEAM site? See pic''s My A/C dont lineup at the terminals terminal building are over lapped and so-on. Please advise?
  9. Wow I'm a knockle head, I see may error. I wasn't clicking on the link after checking the airport box. I'm good to go now. Thanks Don
  10. Okay I updated the installer to 1.9.6a and so far so good I haven't had any more damage messages after about 15mins. Now about the full or demo being behind the scenery. Well, it was scenery that had demo behind it, but isn't that what the credits are for, to enable them to full version when you check the scenery Or the scenery that has full behind it are the ones that can be used without a timelimit message? If thats the case as you can see from the pic, I only have three sceneries that are full. So in order to use my credits (20), I will have to purchase or already have scenery that says full? I hope this is not the case
  11. I just purchased this wonderful product AES 1.96 and I can't seem to figure out why I keep getting time limit messages. I thought it might be that I did'nt have enough credits so I brought 10 more credits and I still get the time limit reached message. I also received other message like "DATA-FILES damaged delete and reinstall base pack? I had to do that about three times. Please see attached for more details. I am only using 18 of my 20 credits. I'm using FS9 w/ACC PACK. Don't know what else to try???? Oh yeah, in order for me to clear the time limit message, I would have to restart FS9 and the program will only run for about 2-3 min.
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