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  1. Well no, I didn't receive any emails last week, so I guess it will be by the time the next container arrives. Thank you very much for the new information Marius, very grateful. Greetings Jesus Garcia
  2. Very good news Marius, thank you very much for the information and we look forward to new events as soon as possible. Greetings Jesus Garcia
  3. Mr. Marius, would it be too much to ask how many orders are currently in the AEROSOFT portfolio? It is to make me an idea of how the matter of the orders is. Thank you very much and greetings Jesus Garcia
  4. I just put a candle to Our Lady of the Helpless, to see if it enlightens me to be one of those "clients". Greetings Jesus Garcia
  5. I trust AEROSOFT, I have bought many things and it has never disappointed me, I hope this is not the first time. Greetings Jesus Garcia
  6. On May 7, I placed the order for the Honeycomb Bravo and the Airbus accelerator pack and today the Airbus pack just arrived today, June 4, which I congratulate Aerosoft for their fast delivery, they told me that it would arrive. next Monday, June 7 and they have advanced, now I hope the same will happen with the Honeycomb Bravo Throttle and I arrived as soon as possible since without the Bravo I cannot use the Airbus pack. Thank you very much for that. Best regards Jesús García Lázaro
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