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  1. I'm noticing something similar to this which might be related. When going around sharper turns (say 45-90 degrees), the aircraft tends to bank sharply into the turn at first, then not even 1/4 of the way through levels out somewhat and continues through the turn at a much shallower angle. This causes it to ride inside the curve on the ND (with a deviation of about 0.2 nm in the examples I have witnessed). At completion, it seems to hit the next tangent correctly; it doesn't seem to under- or overshoot. It's just that initial bank.
  2. With this "fix", I can also attest that the controls are much more responsive. They're still a bit "spongy" (she floats like an old Buick) but I think that's what you expect with a big aircraft. It now handles more similarly to the PMDG 777, which I would expect.
  3. Just to be safe, I uninstalled, reinstalled (from a new download) and manually installed the runtime libraries. First attempt worked well, mind you it was only a 15 minute hop. No loss of sounds, yet, anyway. I did "Load Default" for the sound volumes, which put them at various levels in the 90s. What I wasn't running this time were FS2Crew, Environment Force, and Active Sky. I'll keep an eye on it.
  4. I was in that boat for some time myself, and the first few A320 flights with FS2Crew were a little less than satisfying due to a handful of issues caused by my own unfamiliarity and at least one bug. But since then I would never go back. The "competent co-pilot" is great (relied on him for probably 200 successful flights) but he doesn't respond to commands, which can be really handy when you want to hand fly a tricky procedure! So now he just rides in the jump seat in case the "more able" copilot passes out.
  5. Either way, it's annoying (unnerving?) with a simple sim throttle when you go to reduce to climb thrust and don't get that satisfying feedback "click" to tell you you hit the detent! Without it you're forced to keep your eye on the FMA or look down at the VC thrust levers; needless to say both of which can be distracting and difficult depending on the procedure you're trying to fly. With the MCDU buttons at least, you have your own mouse clicking for aural feedback. I'll run another check today and see if I can figure out when it happens, and exactly what fixed it (if I can). I could also try a reinstall but I don't understand why it wouldn't have installed correctly in the first place.
  6. I did check them and they were all at default (80% I think) as I hadn't adjusted them previously. I didn't try changing any volumes to see if that would jog them back to life though.
  7. I tried two short flights today just to get a feel for the aircraft. In general I have to say things seem to be working quite well aside from the excessive control delay/sluggishness that has been addressed elsewhere. However, one problem that occurred during each flight was the apparent silencing of the ASC sounds. For instance, on climb out during the first flight I lost the "clicks" of the thrust levers during thrust reduction on climb out. I wasn't quite sure if maybe they were drowned out (and I did hear them on the 2nd climb out which was during a completely different P3D session), but after landing the 2nd time again noticed they were missing. And not just the thrust levers, but all the little clicks like the MCDU & ECAM buttons, etc. I tried toggling the sound on and off (q) but that didn't help. I also checked and reset the Windows Sound control panel, communications tab to make sure it wasn't muting sounds (I get that problem sometimes with my PF3 ATC when using FS2Crew; Windows doesn't seem to be able to retain the setting). That wasn't the problem here though. So I decided to replay my landing and upon exiting replay, the sounds were back. I'm assuming either the replay itself, or the Pause upon replay end fixed them? Anyway, I'm out of time for tonight so I can't test further but I may be able to tomorrow evening. Wondering if anybody else has seen this.
  8. Following up on my post in this thread: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/148661-steering-issue/&do=findComment&comment=956028 I thought it would be better to continue here as it's off-topic from that thread's original question. When taxiing, the tiller animation doesn't seem to be working correctly. The tiller operation appears to be perfectly OK, however - the aircraft is controllable and goes where I tell it to. I have the tiller enabled and mapped to the twist axis on a Logitech 3D Extreme joystick - and while I do otherwise map my axes through FSUIPC, I have the tiller (and only the tiller) mapped through the default P3D controls dialog(s). Tiller centered - shows as hard over right: Tiller hard over left - shows as hard over left, at least until you let up on the left pressure and it quickly migrates right: Tiller hard over right - displays a hard over right: Here are the relevant settings: FSUIPC - nobody's home! P3D Axis: P3D Calibration:
  9. Not to the letter - but nothing that hasn't worked before. Back in the FSX days I used to have issues with my control assignments (standard.xml) getting corrupted, so I have everything mapped through FSUIPC (passed through as normal FS axes) which makes everything modular, easily editable and a lot less fussing around after updates. It also allows for aircraft-specific profiles (for instance I have an Airbus profile I created for the A320 which disables my yoke and enables the joystick, etc.) which can be loaded by SimStarter. No calibration on tiller and throttle. That said, I was having other issues - not to clutter this thread. I just wanted to taxi around a bit and get a feel, so I loaded the "ready for takeoff" state. The aircraft would creep forward and the taxiing/tiller appeared to be working OK functionally, even though the tiller animation wasn't in agreement with the situation. Also, the A330 was "seeing" my throttle inputs (the little blue bug on the ECAM would move) but the engines wouldn't spool up (unless I mouse wheeled the thrust levers...). This persisted after deleting the axes from FSUIPC and adding them to the P3D controls dialog, but I ran out of time to dig deeper. I'm away from my sim PC and I wanted to try and figure it out myself in case I was making a stupid mistake, so if necessary I'll open a new thread later with more detail. I'll have a look at it later, probably boot up with no control modifications and see if that works better. I would have assumed what works perfectly fine for the A320 would work here - but apparently that isn't the case and if so, so be it!
  10. I should have clarified that I had the tiller option "on"; pedals disconnected. The rudders are calibrated (same hardware as the OP, MFG Crosswind). For tiller, I use the "twist" axis on the joystick "side stick". Animation is correct with the A320 (no changes were made to suit the A330).
  11. Just playing around on a ground a bit, I noticed that my tiller seems to stay hard to the right, even though the plane will move forward fairly straight. If I hard over left, the animation will go hard over left but upon release of hard over it'll swing back to the right. Not sure if that's somehow related?
  12. No, this was shortly after reaching TOC on a 1.5 hour flight.
  13. I had this issue occur last night for the first time in a long time. Shortly after reaching cruise, I noticed the throttles rolling back and the PFD speed target was indicating "107". I then tried going back into managed speed at various times during the flight and the problem persisted, right through descent where it was still calling for an unreasonably low "213". At all times, the MCDU PERF was showing the correct speeds (for CI 35). Flight plan: KMCO/36R F370 MCOY2 GUANO DCT FEMON MCOY2 GUANO Q87 JROSS DCT FLO Q87 JROSS J207 RDU DCT NEAVL J207 RDU DUCXS4 KRIC/34 I'm not at my sim PC so I don't have the log files but I do believe I have logging turned on so I can post them later. This is running the latest version with experimental updates enabled. An interesting note is that I did a full reinstall of the PC about a month ago, so everything should be relatively "clean".
  14. I know. My question relates to the fact that when it is set to negative (whether correctly or incorrectly), the 00s and 20s disappear. This doesn't occur for positive 00s and 20s.
  15. Just a little "problem" I discovered while setting the altimeter before my last flight - A321IAE on the latest version When at negative altitudes, the minor "00" and "20" seem to disappear when you cycle past them. I'm not sure this is much of a practical concern as I'm sure there are very few usable airfields at these elevations, but I'm noting it nonetheless. Note the altitude readout as the QNH knob is turned: (Edit: I'm not sure why the pictures saved different sizes...)
  16. I actually just noticed something like this last night as well. I had set a DIR to waypoint WIKIR on approach to KFLL/28L and activated LOC while still 4-5 miles from interception (from roughly DEKAL, so about 20-30 degree intercept and roughly on g/s) and the a/c immediately started banking to the left. I quickly turned LOC off and pulled the knob for heading select, then reactivated managed NAV. Then a little closer to intercept, I reactivated LOC, the a/c quickly and slightly banked left but restabilized on the NAV course until getting closer where it did intercept the LOC normally.
  17. I did actually just do a video driver reinstall, and with DDU to chase another issue, so I'll pay more attention next time! If it ultimately requires a reinstall of the Airbus I'll just wait until there's a bigger update requiring a reinstall... It typically only goes 5-digits during the takeoff - certainly not in any other phase.
  18. On my current flight, I just experienced something very similar to this, but on the A320 IAE (not the A321). Again, the GW, fuel burn, and P3D "Fuel and Payload" dialog all seem to be showing the correct numbers; it's just the ECAM and MCDU3 that seem to think the a/c is "refueling itself". This is the first time I've seen this on the A320 IAE, which I use fairly often. There is one thing I did slightly differently during this flight which may or may not be the cause? Typically I fuel up the a/c by selecting "Load Instant" or "Load Fuel" (depending on how I feel like doing it on a particular flight) on the MCDU3 Load and Fuel display. This time, I initiated fueling through the GSX menu and never touched any of the load buttons on MCDU3 (i.e. LSK 1R-4R). Also interesting, after I noticed this happening (about a half hour into the flight), I disabled the GSX integration in the MCDU3 "Gnd Services" page and shortly thereafter the FOB numbers seemed to begin decaying as expected. We all seem to be aware there are still some nagging issues with the GSX integration, perhaps this is one of those? An example; note the time and the discrepancy between fuel burn and FOB:
  19. I've run 2 flights so far with that file (though different routes) and haven't seen the problem recur. I'll update if and when it happens again.
  20. Just a minor problem here: during takeoff and initial climb (i.e. times of high fuel flows) the ECAM displays don't properly show values with 5 digits. I see this with both IAE and CFM models: IAE: CFM:
  21. I still see this "magenta" rollback during climb at or near crossover altitude/speed on almost (if not) every flight (commanding something like 166 kts) but the a/c still follows the correct speed (usually 280-300 kts) and the problem goes away either at TOC or by just playing with the altitude knob (push or pull). Haven't seen it occur at cruise in some time.
  22. Upon further review what I'm seeing here doesn't seem to be a result of my modifications but rather the same issue as this:
  23. Somehow I didn't catch this topic - although I think I've encountered it as well. My initial thought was that it was something I had done, namely modifying the aircraft.cfg and MCDU2c.xml to increase the capacity of the center fuel tank.
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