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  1. Unfortunately, I still get a pretty bad flutter from the elevators on climb out with any sort of winds. It eventually smooths out above 10,000 feet, but until then it's pretty disruptive.
  2. It'd be nice if the in-flight seatbelt checklist item is a "check" response rather than turning them off. Most American carriers keep the belts on until cruise altitude is reached, but the checklist turns them off prior to that which triggers the FA coffee delivery. Given flights climbing out can be somewhat turbulent, it makes sense to allow the PIC to turn these off when available rather than force them off as part of the checklist. Any way to adjust this step?
  3. Got it.. installing into the recommended location now. Will report back findings.
  4. I'm confused. So what you're suggesting is installing the A330 in a custom folder rather than the default one selected by the installer (where every other AS Airbus installs and has no issues)? You'd think if this was necessary, the developers would have made this adjustment in the installer rather than relying on the end user to do this manually. I'm not trying to be cynical, I'm just concerned this is an adjustment to the product that you'd think would be able to do on it's own.
  5. Is the rudder trim wobble supposed to simulate turbulent conditions or something? The wobble (constant rudder movement up and down in small increments) is something I've experienced since I got this plane and carries over to the .8 version. I'm not sure if there's a glitch or a conflict somewhere, but it'd be nice if this could get smoothed out somehow. This only appears in the A330 and not in any of the other A series from Aerosoft, so I assumed it was on purpose. Edit: I noticed if I disabled the AP and let the rudder come back into the positive on it's own and settle in, then re-enable the AP, this seems to solve it. Still not sure what causes the initial conditions, though.
  6. Hitting this same wall here as well. I don't use GSX, but I always use the START option in the checklist for the A333 because the start push feature isn't reliable for me. With .8, everything stops at START. It'd be nice if we could get a checklist override here (not a skip item, but a complete override) to allow non-AS controlled push back.
  7. Which planners are you guys using? I use the AS planner to set weights, but always use the fuel values from Simbrief as they are closer to what's actually needed (reserves, alternates, FAR, etc).
  8. That was it. If you don't put in the known block fuel prior to print out, it won't show on the paper. Thanks.
  9. Sure. I'm simply using the loading option in the MCDU to load fuel, cargo, pax. Once this is complete, the little print out gets generated which has the ZFW and ZCFG information. To the right of that on the paper, the block section shows 0kgs. I would assume this would be the block fuel numbers after refueling, but it's always 0.
  10. The print out animation is a nice touch to the Bus Pro, but I've noticed the block fuel always shows up as 0kg. Is this an oversight, or am I doing something wrong?
  11. At some point in my flights I hear what sounds like a cell phone ringing very briefly. I can't for the life of me find in the documentation what this sound is and it's not any warning that I can see. Can someone clue a brother in on this one? * Nevermind. Figured it out. It's the FA offering a tasty beverage.
  12. ** EDIT ** I'm not sure if this will work for everyone, but here's what I did which seems to have fixed it: 1. Rename the Texture.AmericanAirlinesN102NN to just Texture.AAL 2. Edit the aircraft.cfg and adjust the texture line to: "texture = AAL" (without quotes) 3. I highly doubt this step did anything, but I'll put it here regardless. I also deleted the "model = EXTIAEShark" line and readded it by hand (without quotes). I'm wondering if there's a character limit in the texture names as this is all I did and it seems to be working for me now.
  13. Same here. I've followed the readme, but the plane doesn't load in P3D 4.4.
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