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  1. But......, it worked on W7 earlier this year. I have an older PC. It will not efficiently support W10. P3dV4.5 works well enough on it. No $$$ for new computer.
  2. Would it maybe make sense to uninstall the updater and install whatever version is available now. I have I assume since updater is trying to update, that there is a newer version. If so, where can I find it?
  3. Thank you for looking at this problem, Hans. I did look at the Task Manager and "ASUpdaterUpdater.exe * 32" is only Aerosoft process running and only when I click on it. Otherwise it is absent from the list of processes. The Updater did run earlier in the year but I had to reinstall A318/319, A320/321 and CRJ Pro and also installed KDAB and since then Updater no longer works. I use Bitdefender and tried to add the .exe to anyplace I could add an exception. The Updater still will not work. I sure am puzzled! What other process could possibly u
  4. I cannot run AS Updater. It crashes every time I try to run it. The error window is displayed below. I don't even know where to begin to trouble shoot this problem Bruce Sheridan Jacksonville, FL. USA
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