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  1. I believe that the difference is visible : Default Airbus A320 sharklets livery.BMP aegean airlines with sharkltes.BMP Default Airbus A320 sharklets livery.BMP
  2. You are right . Sorry about that . Anyway thanks for your help.
  3. I did and I have downloaded some but the textures in some parts of the plane (such as the wings) are not very detailed .
  4. I hope I can ask for a livery here . Sorry for messing around with the different topics. So can you make an Aegean airlines A320 please ? Also I'd love an Aegean airlines A320 with sharklets!!! thanks
  5. Oh sorry....Where can I ask for liveries for the airbus x extended ?
  6. Hello. Can you make an aegean airlines A320 for the aerosoft airbus x extended please ?? I know there are some repaints for this, but they are not as detailed as yours !!
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