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  1. Deimos

    Vintage amphibious

    I want to second this. Please port over the Cat to MSFS or make a new one. This and the Twotter are the planes I miss most in MSFS
  2. As I am still on p3d v3 and not planning on upgrading until the GTN 750 is working in v4 I'd say shut up and take my money.... This is my by far most flown plane and I would love to see it getting worked upon. The countless hours of enjoyment would make me pay even more than 7 bucks. Just put a donation button somewhere and I'll be sure to hit it if this plane would get a GTN 750 integration. Hell I'd even try to crowdfund a continued development of this plane. Put up an amount of your development fees, as nothing comes for free as a community goal. If it is reached, development can continue. Clearly stated goals like multipilot and lighting and whatnot for example. Peeps can decide if it is worth it to them. If not, well no risk for anyone, money back and you have not wasted your time on something that would not sell.
  3. I had still the debug mode on, from working on an aircraft on mine. This throws quite some errors, for example one typo in Fahrenheit and a couple of other things. Is this still maintained? Are these errors of no concern? Mostly they go together with the prop beta
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