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  1. Here you can catch a glimpse in a video. I just love the way the landing gear flexes...
  2. Not too far fetched. The 400 has it https://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Datei:Viking_DHC-6-400_Twin_Otter,_Viking_Air_JP7339403.jpg and there are a couple of retrofit 300 as well. To answer the question though this rendition is with a GNS and steam gauges.
  3. ADF is accessible via: K:ADF_100_INC K:ADF_100_DEC (10 and 1 respectively) and K:ADF1_RADIO_SWAP for frequency swapping for example. The G530 is supposed to be adressible in the future, as stated by Asobo (lack in the SDK in the moment). However, I can adress it right now via the mobiflight wasm module (freeware). This works with AxisAndOhs and should do so with spad as well.
  4. If you need someone to fly around your Twotter copy since you can't because you are busy, just let me know
  5. Hehe. Coming to the forums here. lurking around and seeing Mathijs being enthusiastic about a new product (and justifiably so) has become part of the experience. I really enjoy the way the staff here identifies with their work. I am really looking forward to this, yet another labor of love from Aerosoft. I hope it is not long now. Seeing the screenshots a few posts down makes me antsy with anticipation and then you need to go and make me a new Cat, you know you want it too 😜
  6. Now that the CRJ thingy is done, go ahead do the CAT announcement.
  7. I had still the debug mode on, from working on an aircraft on mine. This throws quite some errors, for example one typo in Fahrenheit and a couple of other things. Is this still maintained? Are these errors of no concern? Mostly they go together with the prop beta
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