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  1. This isn't a case of icing, is it? What were the temps at ENGM and did you have wing/engine anti-ice turned on if appropriate? (a question from somebody who forgot anti-ice once himself!) Phil
  2. Hopefully this will be delivered as a configurable option then? Those of us with "minimum" specs wouldn't be able to take an FPS hit like this... Phil
  3. Just flown the Sid again and the point at which the constraints disappear is when the aircraft intercepts the inbound course to KKE09, not passing KKE09. Thanks Phil
  4. I too thought this was fixed, as the constraints are now correctly still set after the fuel calculations are made. However, when flying the Sid (EGKK 26L - CLN4X) things didn't go to plan. I set the altitude to 6000 and after takeoff the aircraft climbed and stopped at 4000 for the first constraint, correctly. I should then have climbed to 5000 after passing KKE11, however as soon as I passed the earlier waypoint KKE09, all constraints appeared to clear and the aircraft climbed straight to 6000ft. Can anyone else replicate this? Cheers Phil
  5. Hi Mathijs, Would it be possible for you to explain your process for checking whether files are P3Dv43 or not? This way people can rule the sim in/out as a potential issue without having to do a painful reinstall if it isn't required. Thanks Phil
  6. Hi Mathijs, Another quick observation. It appears that the last constraint in the SID is *almost* correctly followed, as the flightplan doesn't pass that altitude until after the last SID fix. However it appears to be adding 100ft onto the constraint value, with the flightplan showing FL061 for a 6000ft constraint (all preceding fixes show 6000). I wonder if this is an issue for SIDs with step climbs in the SID profile? I was using LAM2X at EGKK which has various constraints along it's route. Cheers Phil
  7. Hi Mathijs, Actually, to be more precise, it's when the INIT FUEL PREDICTION is calculated that it loses the constraints in the flight plan. So it's when both the ZFW/ZFWCG *and* the BLOCK values have been filled in. Also note that the constraints still show correctly in the VERT REV page for the fix, and the magenta asterix still shows in the flightplan, but the calculated altitude ignores them. Hope this helps. Phil
  8. Hi, no you're not the only one. I get the same behaviour too, tested on various SIDs out of EGKK. The constraints are present but get ignored right after the fuel quantity is entered in INIT 2. If I clear the fuel value they reappear in the flight plan again. Phil
  9. So it does, looks like my skim reading skills need improving, my sincere apologies...
  10. Similar to the squawk charlie offset, will the squawk ident offset also be coded? I notice there is a clickspot for the button but don't know if it works. Cheers Phil
  11. I just want to confirm the behaviour to clarify with you what I'm seeing. When the throttles are moved forwards from idle there is absolutely zero response from the engines for 6-10 seconds, then a quick spool up to the throttle position. It does NOT spool up very slowly. Thanks. Phil
  12. It just jumped out as a change from the last version, I was just making sure it wasn't a bug, or a dodgy installation, or my bad memory! Thanks for the quick response. Phil
  13. Hi, Could you confirm that it is NOT possible to set speed as SELECTED (knob pulled) for takeoff? I seem to recall this was possible in the old versions of the Airbus, but right-clicking to pull the knob doesn't remove the dot, and turning the knob doesn't show values. I'm sure it used to...? Thanks for any info. Phil
  14. I can confirm that this is happening to me as well with CFM variants, currently on version 1.0 1.1, after a full reinstall last night. Phil
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