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  1. For info, I also experienced this on a flight from EGPF to EGKK this morning. Phil
  2. Now that sounds like a plan, thanks Mathjis! Phil
  3. Hi Mathjis, Will the independent ND feature be optional? Those of us with less powerful systems and no need of this feature may suffer trying to keep above our sacred 18fps. Thanks Phil
  4. I also see this behaviour on final approach. I use active sky for weather and gsx2. No other non-scenery add-ons. My frame rates are always above the famous AS 18fps limit. Phil
  5. This isn't a case of icing, is it? What were the temps at ENGM and did you have wing/engine anti-ice turned on if appropriate? (a question from somebody who forgot anti-ice once himself!) Phil
  6. So it does, looks like my skim reading skills need improving, my sincere apologies...
  7. Similar to the squawk charlie offset, will the squawk ident offset also be coded? I notice there is a clickspot for the button but don't know if it works. Cheers Phil
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