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  1. Hi, after some flights with my A320/321 and with Masterhawks XML-file I can tell you, that I have no more issues with IRS alignment with normal displays. Thank you Masterhawk
  2. Same on me - A321 IAE. Pumps are on. KORD to KLAX - 15,7 tons fuel After 2h flight ECAM shows FOB = 12.680 kg - Fuel used 2 x 3.700 And during writing this post, the FOB is going up to 13.060 Thomas
  3. Hi masterhawk, I do not know what you did. Have done 2 Cold & Dark situations with the A320 Austrian Livery. And I received normal displays after the alignment. I hope that's it. I'll keep you up to date. Anyway, it looks good. Can you explain the changes? Thomas
  4. Maybe you can try it with the Austrian Livery A320 (Gustavo Aguiar on AVSIM).
  5. Now I run the hole procedure with semi intelligent checklist and with copilot. Austrian Livery A320. And after 6 minute of aligning -> it workes - normal displays. All switches are in the same position as in the test before. I didn´t find a difference to the checklist procedure with or without copilot. When I load the Turn Around State, I haven´t problems with the display. ND and PFD are in normal view.
  6. Hi, I tried it again. Loading the A320 CFM with Austrian Livery. Pushed the Cold&Dark State. Rund the semi intelligente Checklist. And after 6 Minute of aligning -> nothing. Here is a Video of the last seconds Prepar3D 2019.07.04 -
  7. I'm going crazy. After repeated testing, the IRS aligning does not work on any single Airbus A320 / 321. I took the same steps as in the afternoon. And now that.
  8. So, here I am with the last info. I uninstalled and reinstalled the current Austrian Livery. The Livery Manager had administrator rights. I did the test as in the other experiments and Jippiee - it worked. Unbelievable what little mistakes can have for impact. I hope that's it. @Secundator: I also tried it twice with exactly your steps. But I did not get any normal displays here.
  9. Hello, I had a very interesting afternoon. I did 6 tests with the same procedure, but with different Airbus types. Of course with the semi intelligent checklist without copilot. At the very first A320 with the Austrian Livery from AVSIM I had the known IRS problem. Then I loaded the A321 also with Austrian Livery (I'm Austrian!). Same procedure - no problem - the displays awoke after the alignment. The next tests were done with the other models A321 IAE and A320 IAE. No problems with the alignment. The last attempt was the Airbus A320 CFM with the Aerosoft Airbus Livery. Also no problem. The displays awoke in all tests except for the A320 Austrian Livery. I will reinstall and test this again. Maybe there was a mistake during the installation. That will also be the reason that no one else has problems here. I give you an info about this next steps. Greeting Thomas
  10. Hello, I'm back with the annoying IRS Align issue since the last update. Yesterday I installed the Airbus several times including all updates. I either use the internal checklist with or without copilot function. Because without a checklist, the alignment comes not to live. And it's a gamble. Sometimes the MD and PFD screens wake up after alignment. Sometimes not. I do not know how to continue. Do I have to wait for the alignment to finish after pressing the IRS Align button? I just did not wait for the IRS Align button and entered all relevant flight data. Result was no normal displays. Can that be a problem? I also ask you, must I load fuel and loading first? Yesterday I did not load before of the alignment and it worked. Do I have to activate the Acft State Cold & Dark after loading the flight? I'm starting to go crazy. Before the last update I did not have any problems with the alignment. Do you have a new exact step-by-step list to wake up the displays? In the description of the experimental updates is: Improvement: Added more align IRS time steps What do I have to consider? What I make wrong? I am sure it is my fault, but I don´t know, "wo ist der Hund begraben" 🙂 I would like to answer the following questions in advance. Yes, I have read the step-by-step tutorial. Yes, I have turned on the displays. Simulator P3D V4.5 Hopefully we can find a solution. It would be a great pity if I have to delete the otherwise great Airbus from my airplane selection list. Because that's no fun anymore. The picture shows the situation after 7 minute of alignment. Regards from Austria Thomas
  11. Hello, I mispronounced that with the black displays. Of course, I turn on the brightness buttons. I mean the black displays with red strokes like the topic before. But I found the solution to my problem. I saved scenarios for each addon airport with my A320 / 321. And this also stored the current Cold & Dark States for the save date. After the Aerosoft update here I had these problems with the IRS alignment. Yesterday I loaded few scenarios and also the new Cold & Dark status. And after the 7-minute alignment switched ND and PFD on to normal displays. That was it. Thomas
  12. Hello, I can not get my PFD and ND running in my A320 / 321 since the experimental update. After 7 minutes of IRS alignment the displays stay black. I just went to StepbyStep. At first I thought it was dependent on the load. But even after boarding and Refueling via MCDU42, the displays remain black. It all worked before the update. I also did the reboot after the update. Can you help me? Thomas
  13. I tested it with my saved Airbus flight - BatterySwitch=False - The connection to Vpilot works the way it should. Thank you for the update!
  14. So I tried it again: 1st - Loading Standard Flight with Battery Off. Loading Airbus A320. After Connection with Vpilot no RX and TX and I could tune the Airbus radio. But there was no autotune on the Vpilot. See picture P3D Vpilot 2019-06-25 120140 2nd - Loading a flight with Airbus and edited File "BatterySwitch" = "True" - Everything worked fine - see 2nd picture - and I could hear the ATC
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