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  1. Yesterday evening same route same a330 daiko flight going well! Vatsim P3d v4.5 hf3 Active sky p3dv4 Envshade Dd kjfk Eddf aerosoft
  2. 1 hour turnaround. First time thats happened i fly the bus ever Some day ago i saw another stranger thing The speed (mach) during crz go down my his self . I hope and update to correcting this stuffs. And a cpldc in the little bus soon.
  3. Today i m fliying back from lemd to eddf And i notice this No takeoff page during taxi And no crz page after takeoff Note I dont have any page selected I cant have crz page
  4. Happy to hear you . No . I m flying in europe with little bus and all going well. I decice to fly with the a330 and i got ctd after 7 hour over Boston before tod Last ctd with a330 was enroute to cyyz Kernelbase.dll All bus up to date
  5. Happened just 20 min ago during cruise . No solution aerosoft ?
  6. Hi Dave Today during eddf kjfk after 6 hour and 50 minuts of flight over vatsim p3d ctd I flying severe time from this post with the little bus. Today i m back to the a330 and i got kernelbase.dll ctd. Happened only with a330 pro
  7. ok Dave very thanks, i take a look on my youtube for search that. i saw severe week left. i hope to find it and send you the link . very thanks
  8. Good day to all ! I ask for a curiosity that i have. In some video over youtube i can saw airbus pilot configure the bus for a flight for example from eddf and eddm . And they can does in the mcdu the flight plan back to eddf . I try to do this in the secondari flight plan page but after landing all flight plan are not visible. How i can do is it possible? This is a things can we do during cruise . Prepare the flight plan for flight back or for another destination. Thanks and happy landing!
  9. Yes i know. I talking about my specs of p3d not my specs of cpu or gpu.you say to me to sent a screen of my settings . Over you can see my settings of p3d ... I was asking you : how is it possible that you tell me about ctd because I have the settings of p3d too high while I have them below yours. that's what I don't understand. i can't get ctd because i have high p3d settings. so the cause lies elsewhere. sfc scannow did not give me errors as well as dxdiag. I do not understand . I don't overclock so what's the problem? thanks for your help
  10. Ok. Well my spec are under your and i have a rtx 3060 ti. Its not possible an ctd due to higher specs for me.
  11. Hi Dave If you check my screen you can see that I dont have: High res texture Display resolution is 1920 Texture res my is 1024 In my opinion the only thing i have to change is Weather: cloud distance from 80 nm to 60 nm in p3d And in active sky : minimum cloud distance 60 Maximum cloud distance 80 What do you think about the cloud distance?
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