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    Vfr Charts

    Perhaps the reference is to the airdrome charts such as are included in the German Airfields series.
  2. Looks like all of us who had our credit cards ready are in for a treat. It's available now!
  3. Your experience is similar to mine in what it takes to keep the Do flying. I understand this is similar to what needs to be done with other complex aircraft (as noted somewhere on the Digital Aviation website), so it's not just a Do issue. As long as I start with a default aircraft at a default airport, THEN once the default setup loads, change to the Do and wherever I want to start, things work just great. Trying to start with the Do results in a CTD before long, at least for me, using Vista64 and FSX. The extra steps to keep the Do happy are worth it to me, for the challenge and utility of the aircraft.
  4. It works just fine. I'm running Vista64 SP1, FS9 SP1 and AES 1.99b. To get AES to work with FS9 in Vista, I think you have to have at least AES open "As Administrator."
  5. Update to my earlier post. Using the FSX flight planning tool before loading the Do also loads the flight plan into the GPS.
  6. I just did a flight in the Do-27 (FSX version) from Innsbruck (LOWI) to Munich Int'l (EDDM). Both the ATC and GPS worked fine. For ATC, I used the "accent" and got the customary window with choices. Clicking for ATIS, ground, local, departure, enroute, approach, local at Munich and Munich ground worked fine. In addition to having the radio "On" with the switch on the tuning head, don't forget to push in the circuit breaker for "COMM 1" "Transponder" to get power to the bus (<Shift>/<4>). As for the GPS, it's basic, but besides the moving map, you can enter waypoints. Once it's on (<Shift>/<3>), left click on "WPT" to get to the menu where you choose waypoints. Use the "3 o'clock" side of the thumb pad to cursor up through the alphanumerics, the "9 o'clock" position to cursor down through the alphanumerics and the "6 o'clock" position to advance to the next charater field to the right. "12 o'clock backs up through the fields. You can also "cheat" and use your keyboard and enter the characters directly. In my case from LOWI, I entered "EDDM" and used the enter key (3X) until I got back to the nav display. Here's what it should look like... Hope this helps. O/S and Sim: Vista 64bit and FSX SP2
  7. Then there's the top circuit breaker in the switching panel...
  8. Access maintenance mode from the kneeboard. See section 3.0 of the manual for details. There you'll find descriptions of each of the pages. The 5th page of section 3.0 of the manual describes maintenance mode. Once you left click anywhere in the "...check through the plane and systems!" text on the kneeboard, wait for the virtual mechanic (no, you won't see him or her) to do their magic. After they're done, you'll see text underneath "...check through the plane and systems!" telling you if anything was found. Turn the page and you'll see what needs fixing. Left click on a box to start the "repair" and heed the instruction to check no more than two at a time. Depending on the severity, some time may go by before the mechanic is done, which will make the discrepancy go away. It may look like nothing is happening, but trust me, the discrepancy will evenutally be cleared (may take a couple of minutes). Hope this helps.
  9. For FS9, it's in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Digital Aviation\Dornier Do-27\Do27Config.exe" For FSX, it's in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Digital Aviation\Dornier Do-27\Do27Config.exe" Hope this helps. BTW, in Vista, I get an exception error with the FS9 version. Clicking through the dialog, shows the configuation editor, but it doesn't seem to affect the settings. I had to manually change the 2D panel settings and instrument resolution in the individual "panel.cfg" files for each aircraft. Hope this helps.
  10. Happy to help. That's what these forums are all about.
  11. This is from page 36 in the manual: "Due to the crossing of the runways and their directions, north- west, north - east, we had to compromise with huge autogen losses. To minimize the loss of autogen (Bumen, Husern...) the areal photograph in the top down view is only visible up to a limited altitude. When going below this altitude the image can no longer be seen. This effect only appears in the mentioned top down view and has no effect on other views such as the 2D or 3D cockpit view." I see the same thing in my installation and this text seems to describe the situation.
  12. I've played with this some more and found a work-around. The issue seems to be linked to User Account Conrol in Vista. Turning UAC "Off" (with the resulting reboot) allows FSX to update the appropriate Do-27 files. After you're done with flying the Do, you can return to using UAC and the changes to the Do files "stick." Everything else I tried, such as running with administrator rights, running as administrator, and changing the attributes (from "Read only") of what I thought might be the relevant folders and files had no effect. If anyone else wants to work at this, or check out the work-around for themselves, a painless way of checking to see if changes to your Do "stick" or not is to simply change something quick like the oil level or better yet, the rudder trim. You'll quickly be able to see it the changes stay in place. Shaun, I consider this closed now. Thanks for your research.
  13. While I don't have this sim, the concept most certainly imitates real life. I have considerable time IRL with PT6 powered C-90 King Airs and the PT6 powered Cheyennes. I assure you the technique of going to around 60-70% torque, waiting for the engines to stabilize and equalize, and then pushing up to 100% is what you have to do. With experience, you can approximate the final setting and push initally to around 80%, but you're asking for directional control problems in the takeoff run (and a possible overtorque) if you try to go too high too soon. Depending on temperature and altitude (density altitude IRL), the actual lever position varies considerably. I've never taken off at such a high/hot condition that the power levers were all the way up, although there is a point (depending on the dash number of the engine) that this will occur. Hope this helps.
  14. This is my experience as well. FSX and FS9 (latest SP's) both seem to run better than in Vista32, which I ran until six months ago. I haven't done benchmarks, but in general, they just feel more fluid. The products I have include VFR Germany 1,2 and 3; German Airfields 1, 2, 3 and 9 (all FSX); HelgolandX and FS9; German LandmarksX and FS9; German Airports Leipzig, Padderborn, Dortmund (FSX and FS9) and the Do27 (FSX and FS9). I hope this helps.
  15. Thanks for asking, Shaun. Hopefully, he'll keep looking. I hope the FSX version isn't an orphan now. A pity, as this is otherwise such a fun airplane. I guess I'll just fly some more in FS2004 to see what happens next after the five hour "button." Regards,
  16. The boundary line seems just a bit south of the one shown in GoogleEarth. Here's the transition along the canal. FSX doesn't look all that bad...until you get to an add-on like VFR Germany. While the stock FSX scenery is head-and-shoulders better than the stock FS9 scenery, it's still no match for a good add-on.
  17. A week after release and I haven't seen any comments about this fantastic scenery yet. So I thought I'd start one and invite comments. While it did take a while to download, even on a fast connection (and with credit to Aerosoft, we were warned it was a big d'load), the performance, and of course the view out the window, has been well worth the small wait. I'm getting framerates as good (or in some areas, better) than the default scenery. Last night, I flew from Bamberg to Kelheim along the Main-Danube canal (or is it the Danube-Main canal?). The smoothness of the flow while panning across the VC and the really terrific detail were a real treat. No, I don't work for Aerosoft. It's just that I found a really enjoyable product for FSX and want to share the news.
  18. I haven't seen the rest of your post, but Julie is "turned on" by a switch in the Configuration Panel (Shift+8) from within the sim. She's not one of the options in the "Configuration Tool" which is external to the Do. See section 1.9 in the Addon Operation section of the manual. She's the second switch from the right on the bottom of the Configuration Panel.
  19. I have the Do-27 in FS9 and FSX versions. In the FSX version, the internal Do logbook loses track of flight time. If I do a long enough flight, the time appears on the log page (for example, "2 hours of flight on Dornier Do-27"). However, when I close FSX and restart the Do, even with the same tail number, the time is gone. Same with the certificates ("Show certificates!"). After a long flight, I get a chit with the flight time. When I close and open the sim, the certificate is gone, replaced by a black rectangle. I've asked this question on the Digital Aviation website, but no help on this issue. I've tried re-installing and that had no effect. The flight time does show up in the gerneric FSX logbook, but I want to see those rewards in FSX. System: E8400 CPU, 4Gb DDR2 800 RAM, nvidea GTX8800, Vista64 Ultimate, 500Gb SATA2 HD, nothing overclocked (yet), water cooling. Shouldn't be any issues here.
  20. Thank you for the swift reply. 1 credit for EDLP is very reasonable. A follow-up question...I found that even with the excellent documentation that comes with AES that 10 minutes was too little time on the demo to try all the features for a departure and an arrival. Especially with a new user to the program. May I suggest perhaps 20 minutes or even 30? In my case, using Vista, I lost most of my time figuring out how to connect AES Help with the sim (you may remember helping me with that). With many users now on Vista, my experience may not be unique. I do believe the model of providing the engine for free and then charging for credits is a highly effective way for new users to get a feel for the product. I'm looking forward to seeing AES for FSX. Best Regards,
  21. According to the airport listing on the AES product page on the Aerosoft site, the new Paderborn-Lippstadt (EDLP) is a free airport in AES (my version of EDLP is patched to 1.1). When I first installed the base pack, however, EDLP went into demo mode. As a result of the demo, I was so impressed with the product that I bought a credit pack so I could enjoy it with my other airports. EDLP however, cost me a credit to fully activate. I know it's only 1 credit, but is there a bug that's keeping EDLP from being a true demo, such as, say, Nurnburg? Thanks for a terrific product!
  22. I was afraid that was the cause. Perhaps the Seattle buildings happened to call for a different set. Ah well, you guys still have the best scenery out there product for product.
  23. Thanks, Shaun. I appreciate your work on this. Is it the pictures that take download time or the saved flight? I don't know how to do the reduced size pictures I see others use. Regards,
  24. This did the trick. Thanks again for your help. The demo sold me on the product. Now to buy some credits!
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