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  1. Actually, there's a terrific amount of material provided by Aerosoft and even more on sites like YouTube that will help you. So "none of you tell us what to do" is a bogus claim. The Dude's tutorials provided by Aerosoft are highly recommended (check this link) and the tutorial flight in Volume 3 of the included manual set is, frankly, an absolute must. It does take a good couple of hours to work through if you do so completely, but if you complete it successfully, you know enough to start flying on your own. If anything in the tutorial doesn't work, then as masterhawk notes, you'll be able to refer to the specific place in the tutorial you run into a problem. Greatly simplifies identifying any problems for you and helps us help you most easily.

  2. This thread has moved away from the March question to become one of several issue threads on the stuck-down HUD brought on by SU5 released July 27. There's a sim hotfix due Friday August 6 or maybe the following Monday, and fixed in CRJ update due out about the same time. Locking it until then.

  3. 1 hour ago, Flyer59 said:

    cant Aerosoft do something to help


    Yes (Be sure to read the follow-up comments on CRJ issues fixed and sim Hotfix)...

    Also, as noted just two posts above your question.

  4. 54 minutes ago, sgmoore3617 said:

    Sorry to go off topic but I don’t know where else to ask. Will the update on the corn 900/1000 tomorrow be on the crj forum or somewhere else? 


    "corn 900/1000"? If you mean the CRJ 900/1000, look in the dedicated preview forum on it. See this post (clock on the top time stamp, not the April 21 one) and Mathijs' follow-up one just after:


  5. 3 hours ago, RF pilot said:

    If the update for the 550/700 is now solved, do we have a date when this will be released to us please?


    No need to ask. The moment any update to the date or anything else about this can be released, you'll see it here. Lack of information simply means there's nothing new that can be reported.

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  6. I gathered the OP's point was the misplaced hoods on the jetways (top two pictures) and the way-too-tall posts for vertical adjustment (next two).


    luko0211 is correct about the jetways at EDDK. Take a look at the airport in Google Earth and you'll see what he means as many of the jetways end in stairs instead of a bridge.

  7. 5 hours ago, StanTGM said:

    But I noticed that the AP heading push button (to set the heading bug to present heading) does not work anymore - so instead I had to constantly adjust the heading bug manually.


    Thanks to those who offered a quick tip. For a really good visual and explanation, please take a look at the .pdf in this:


  8. There's an explanation in the thread as to the reason why it was moved. It's their train set, so they get to make the rules, just like any other website. And it's acknowledged the fix is joint MS/Asobo and Aerosoft.


    Copied from the MSF forum topic:


    This was moved into #third-party-addon-discussion:aircraft because it’s all about a third party addon. The #bugs-and-issues category is only for core content. That’s just the policy on this forum. That doesn’t mean the team isn’t aware.

    Since aerosoft and asobo have a more direct communication they are probably better aware than us users about what’s happening.

    Because the #third-party-addon-discussion:aircraft category has no voting ability the votes were closed/removed. This triggers an automated system message named completed to let users know they got a vote back in their pool.

    For further question send a PM to @moderators. We won’t discuss moderation in public

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  9. 5 hours ago, briank54220 said:

    Since the most recent July 2021 update, when I start in "Turnaround" mode the Heads Up Display is down and clicking anywhere/everywhere will not let you 'hide' it.


    Anyone else having this issue?


    Yes. Had you done even a basic search before posting, or simply looked some seven posts below this one (as I write), you'd have see this:


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  10. From the MFS official forums, along with patch notes: [BLOG] July 29th, 2021 Development Update - Community / News and Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums .


    Before running the fix, the usual cautions apply. Temporarily empty your community folder, antivirus temporarily off, suggest rebooting the computer after the patch is installed. Also, there are many reports of settings being changed (besides the suddenly glowing controls and switches, which can be corrected in the menus). In particular, I found my rolling cache (a problem generator for many (Data section)) was turned back on, V-Sync was turned on (bad effect of frame rates (Graphics section)) and some other graphics settings altered. I suggest recording your settings once adjusted to your liking, as this sort of thing frequently and somewhat randomly occurs after every sim/world update.

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