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  1. Herman

    I see you just hit 10,000 posts here. Well done! It's great to see you still helping out here while also contributing over at PMDG.

  2. An "EFB" is an electronic flight bag. Check Wikipedia for a good article on them. Here's the English version.

  3. Mathijs, when the new Berlin TegelX came out, I requested a courtesy copy as one of the Deputy Sheriffs to update my earlier one. It's order 793487. If you've used up your budget to thank the Deputies I of course understand and just cancel that order and I'll go back in and buy the update.


    Thanks in advance,


    Herman Ross


  4. I requested a courtesy copy as one of the Deputy Sheriffs of the updated Berlin Tegel. I have the older version and love it. The order number is 793487 and it's just awaiting your OK.


    Thanks in advance!


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