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  1. Hello dear friends :hi2_s:

    In first excuse me for my poor English :banghead1_s:

    Today I work to restart in flight the right engine after that I've shut off this engine, but impossible to restart with success this engine.

    Here the configuration of my Bronco X before my takeoff:

    Set "Cold and Dark Maint" state.

    EGT gauges showing EGT only: OFF

    No Failures: OFF

    Accumulative engine wear: 40x

    Engine 1: Excellent Real time: 0023:14 h / Accel time: 0929:20 h

    Engine 2: Excellent Real time: 0021:57 h / Accel time: 0878:00 h

    My FSX REALISM: As your settings.

    In flight and after to have shut off my right engine I've open the check-list (Alt+2) and I've follow the procedure to the page E-05: "Engine Air Start" and "Unsuccessful Air Start", but always impossible to restart my engine in flight...

    Please can you tell me if it's possible with this addon ? :help_s:

    For information I use the HOTAS X-52 Saitek, with this kind of flight controllers can I restart in flight one engine of the Bronco X ?

    Or for restart in flight one engine of the Bronco X must I possess other flight controllers that my X52 Saitek ?

    Please can you tell me (is it's possible) the best flight controllers for the Bronco X ?


    In flight and after shut off my right engine, there's few minutes I've changed of methode:

    I've opened my check-list (Alt+2) and I've selected the right engine, after I've right clicked on all steps of "Engine Air Start" and "Unsuccessful air Start", all these steps are green cross but once again impossible to restart my right engine.

    Please can you help me to understand ?

    A great thank's in advance for all and best regards, Olivier :byesad_s:

  2. Hello,

    I looking for the "Structural Temperature Indicator" but I cannot found this gauge, I've used google for the translation but nothing, I click everywhere one the seatback but nothing...

    In the manual I can read:

    The indicator is accessed by lifting the flap between the two setback cushions.

    The indicator is visible through the cut out in the seat shell on a black background.

    Please can you help to found this indicator ?

    PS: I'm very sorry for my poor English.

    A great thank's in advance for your assistance, Olivier.

  3. Hello dear Finn,

    Once again a great thank's for your assistance, I've follow your explanations and yes I possess well the V1.11.

    I've open my readme and I've could read:


    1.00 online release

    1.10 full build with all models

    1.11 small fix for sound issues and low framerate on view change

    So I can say to the future persons who will buy this addon that the last version is available to the download...

    Once again a great thank's for your help and the great quality of this addon, best regards.


  4. Hello Finn,

    I would like to thank you for your assistance, in my order page it's seems that the version that I downloaded is the V 1.11 ?

    Maybe that Aerosoft has publied the last version no ?

    I bought my Bronco X from the website of Aerosoft...

    Here I join you one copy of my order page:


    Flinn can you help me to understand if I possess the last version ?

    A great thank's again for your assistance. Olivier.

  5. Hello :hi2_s:

    In first congratulation for this awesome addon, a real masterpiece :excellenttext_s:

    I have a little question concerning the condition levers and his white lines, as my English is not perfect it's not easy to explained :mecry_s:

    I don't know if it's just with me but when I place my condition levers side by side with the white mark it's not good, I must push one notch forward.

    It's seems that the mark named "Normal Flight" must be moved forward to one notch, no ?

    As it's not easy to explain the thing that I meet I join to you two screenshots:


    Please can you tell me if you too you have constating this thing ?

    A great thank's in advance for your assistance, best regards. Olivier :bow_down2_s:

  6. Hi,

    WOW, great work your repaint David, congratulation !!

    I have a little question concerning your "Philipinnes Air Forces OV-10C", please can you tell us if your work is finish and if this repaint is available to downloaded ?


    Once again congratulation for your work, best regards. Olivier

  7. Hello everybody,

    In first a great congratulation for this incredible and awesome addon, your OV-10 Bronco is a real perfection !!

    I really love this aircraft and off course your addon...

    I have a little question concerning the "Yaw Damper", when I read the check-list I can read before the starting engine: Yaw Damper --> Checked.

    And for the descent: OFF.

    Please can you tell me for the taxi, before the take-off and during the flight if the "Yaw damper" is ON or OFF ?

    A great thank's in advance for your assistance.

    Best regards Olivier.

  8. Hello, I think like M Jordan. With this small difficulty the Wilga is more harcore and technic...

    I've always loved the aircraft this a special character, if it's too easy it's not fun. More hard it's a chalenge and I like this kind of airplane.

    Best regards, Olivier.

  9. Hello,

    I'm very sorry because you meet this problem, as my English is no enough good there's few minute I've created with fraps one small video wich show a startup of the Wilga.

    During the record of this video I've could unlock my primer but impossible to click on the pump for using this device.

    As it's not the first time that I meet this problem, I've move left and right 2 or 3 times the primer and after I've click on the pump and I've can use the pump.

    I join you a link to my small video, please can you watch this video and tell me if you can start your engine like me ?

    I hope that video can help you, best regards. Olivier.

  10. Hello,

    In first it's better to have FSX + Acceleration...

    I don't know if I can help you but since I possess the Wilga I noted a little bug (a very small bug) with the primer.

    In fact for used the primer you must unlock this device with the mouse, once the primer is turned to the left and unlock normaly you can click to pump.

    But I've discovered that sometime and after have unlock the primer I cannot pump, the only solution that I found for resolve this problem for used the pump is to lock and unlock two or three time this operation and after you can click on the primer pump.

    Normaly when you place the mouse cursor's on the primer handle you have 3 choices, (you can lock, unlock or pump) but sometime the primer pump don't work fine each time and you must lock and unlock few time and after when you place the mouse cursor's you can pump and after start the engine.

    I meet this small problem since I possess the Wilga and with this solution I can unlock, pump and start my engine.

    I hope that I can help you, if it's not the case or of I don't understand the problem that you meet please can you tell me ?


    If the problem is different that my explanation above, on the overhead panel switch to ON:

    Battery switch: ON

    Alternator switch: ON

    Ignition switch: ON

    Oil pressure switch: ON

    Fuel pressure switch: ON

    Mixture temperature switch: ON

    Air valve: Open

    Fuel selector: ON (both)

    Magneto switch: ON (both)

    Primer: Unlock

    Pump three time the primer.

    Press the Starter button.

    And normaly the engine start without problem.

    If you meet one problem during the starting when you press the starter button look if you have well open the "Air Valve"

    But if the problem concern the primer pump so lock / unlock few time this cycle and normaly you can pump the primer...

    PS: I'm very sorry for my poor English and please can you inform me if you have successful used the pump ?

    Best regards, Olivier.

  11. Dear YoYo,

    WOW, of course I've download and installed your last skin and as your other paint I'm under the charm.

    I'm very sure that you have a great talent...

    A great thank's for this sharing and this gift, a real masterpiece, with you skin the Wilga my awesome.

    Beste regards, Olivier.

  12. CONGRATULATION applause.gifapplause.gifapplause.gif

    Incredible and perfect paint, your work awesome salute.gif

    Oh please can you tell us when we can download this masterpiece ?

    All your skins are beautiful but this new work is incredible, yes it's sure you are a real artist with a great talent medals.gif

    A great thank's once again for this paint, best regards. Olivier

  13. Hello dear Sir,

    "....axis roll..."

    You right again. It is bug of dynamics which I fixed already and will put in patch.

    WOW it's a great news, your Wilga is awesome and incredible but with this patch it will become a real perfection and one must to have in his FSX hangar's.

    Once again a great thank's for the quality of your work, best regards. Olivier.

  14. Hello,

    In first I would like to say for the OctopusG team's a great congratulation for this incredible addon, in the real life I never see one Wilga but your creation is perfect and awesome.

    But I have a little question concerning the axis roll because for me it seems that this axis is very sensible or a little instable.

    When I pilot my Wilga if I drop my head or I look few secondes my gauges, my Wilga banked to the left side or to right side alone and it's not easy to stay parallel with the ground with the Wilga.

    Just a little question for the designer, the real Wilga is also instable or too sensible in roll axis ?

    It's not a wicked question, just that I want learn more about this airplane that I'm fall in love...

    A great thank's in advance for your assistance (sorry for my poor English), Olivier.

  15. Hello OctopusG,

    A great thank's for you answer and your assistance, but I noticed one other bug (with the clock) and I have one question concerning the flight model.

    About the Wilga clock's, a small exemple:

    With my FSX menu's I choose 6PM for my flight but once in my cockpit on the clock of the Wilga I can read 3PM, a problem with this clock because she not display the same hour that I choose in my FSX menu.

    Here a small question concerning the flight model, of course I never flying with the real Wilga but during my flights I've noticed that the roll axis is very sensible or maybe a little instable, it's almost impossible to let go of the stick because the roll axis is very sensible and the Wilga turn on her left or right.

    About this flight model and this analysis the real Wilga have the same behaviour ?

    Once again a great thank's for tha great quality of your work and your assistance, best regards. Olivier

    PS: I'm very sorry for my poor English.

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