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  1. thank you very much , Députy, for your quick reply, indeed this was to put in high resolution. cordially Jacques
  2. Voici 2 autres captures d'écran même avion . Une avec FSX Steam, l'autre P3D V3
  3. Bonjour! J'ai FSX Steam sur mon ordinateur. J'ai réinstallé Aerosoft Airbus A320-321_FSX_P3D_FX Steam. Tout s'est bien passé. mais quand je lance le logiciel et que je veux voler avec l'A320, dans l'écran du cockpit, le ND est agrandi.Sur l'autre ordinateur, avec P3D, le ND est normalement affiché. Qu'est-ce qui se passe? Merci d'avoir répondu. cordialement Jacques
  4. Hello! I have FSX Steam on my computer. I reinstalled Aerosoft Airbus A320-321_FSX_P3D_FX Steam. Everything went well. but when I run the software and want to fly with the A320, in the cockpit display, the ND is zoomed in big.While on the other computer, with P3D, the ND is normally displayed. What's going on? Thank you for responding. cordially Jacques
  5. Hello Mopperle Thank you very much for your answer I use P3d V3 and I have Aérosoft Airbus A320 321 FSX-P3D cordially Jacques GOMEZ
  6. Hello I come back to an old topic July 2018 concerning this problem of checklist after closing the doors. I encounter this problem on P3D actually. in the response from administrator Wolfrang, he said to try an update. Aerosoft Forum Administrator Root Admin 32885 37188 posts Report post Posted July 16, 2018 Okay try this update: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/137562-version-1011-now-available/ Now there is no more access. Why? Can we get access to this update now. Thank you Best regards Jacques GOMEZ
  7. Thanks you! Cordially Jacques GOMEZ
    • Hello
      I came on this post because I have the same problem as the others concerning the rest of the checklist after closing doors.
      I clicked on the link of your post but the link does not work anymore.
      can you reactivate it so that I can see the solution.
      thank you
      Jacques GOMEZ
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