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  1. hello , how can i open the main cargo door for A330 euro trans cargo ? , i can't find the main cargo door in the doors page also in the fuel planner there is no A330 cargo just PAX thank you
  2. hello , how to update products that is not exist in the aerosoft updater like mega airport oslo v 2.0 ? thank you
  3. ya i still have the issue with animated jetwyas option , but i solved it by masterhawk steps thank you for help
  4. it works , thank you for help final question : how do i know the version of the airport , cuz it is not in the aerosoft updater list ?
  5. thank you for help , problem solved by masterhawk steps
  6. no , jetways are exist , but its not moving neither by ctrl+j nor GSX , basically GSX not reading jetways , don't know why , maybe its GSX problem but mega airport Frankfurt v 2.0 works great with SODE
  7. thank you for help , i followed the steps but still (no jetways here ) in all gates , so here is the SODE log file SODE.log
  8. even in the main terminal ( no jetways here ) according to GSX , while SODE jetways activated in the airport tool
  9. and what is the meaning of (SODE folder found) in the pic up ? when i deselect the use SODE option and press install selected , it deactivates the SODE , but i select it and press install selected ( also it said SODE folder found ) so why it is not working ? i have SODE latest version installed and it works with all my other payware sceneries
  10. hello , i have mega airport oslo v 2.0 for p3d v4.5 , and i have hot fix 3 installed. the issue is about the jetways , GSX not reading them like in the pics ( no jetways here ) , i have the latest version of SODE (1.7.1) and also SODE activated in the airport configuration thank you
  11. hello , the outside cockpit view is not like the view from inside cockpit , as in pics , inside cockpit is more dark than outside. how is that possible ? its A330 at the latest version thank you
  12. hello , are frankfurt professional and geneva professional compatible with p3d v5 ? thank you
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