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  1. hello , great work aerosoft for A330 , i have an issue with the view inside the cockpit : when i select any view like main panel or MCDU , the view keep changing by itself without any action of me ! , it only stops when i select any view out side the cockpit ( when i press S key ) thank you
  2. yes the last CL is before take off CL , well ok i will check the calibration and report back thank you
  3. hello , i have installed the P3D v4.5 and after installing the buses professional , the check list with the copilot is working just till take off after that nothing ,also no V1 and VR calls , i have to complete all checklist manual till taxi to gate at the destination airport second issue about A319 : its taking off by it self without moving my stick ! ( also after P3D v4.5 has installed ) thank you
  4. yah , same here , with both A320 and A319 after update
  5. dragunov2020


    good news , i should wait then thank you
  6. dragunov2020


    thank you for response , but how to update without the experimental update ? or how to choose the version of update through the aerosoft updater ?
  7. dragunov2020


    after searching i didn't find a problem like this , and most solutions of the problems is to make a clean reinstall ! well what is the meaning of clean reinstall ?, to just uninstall from control panel then install again ?
  8. dragunov2020


    no , i will look for in the posts for an issue like this thank you
  9. dragunov2020


    hello , where the T/D is gone ? , after the latest update the T/D disappeared and there is a problem about the waypoints altitude and speed as in the picture : HELNS is at FL370 and after that KARTR is at 10000 ft and the distance between these waypoints is just 11 nm ! , how ? thank you
  10. ya exactly as A320 ,but in A319 N1 not starting , don't know why ! anyway i will do i clean reinstall and try thank you
  11. hello , when starting engine in A319 professional N1 is not starting , and it starts normally in A320 iam using P3Dv4.4 thank you
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