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  1. G'day Shaun Thanks for help so far. I read the other post, instead Traffic X I got My traffic 2010 in the FSX.cfg file and as mentioned, there was only a one liner in the config file mentioning MT2010 that I actually found.by doing a find routine in FSX.cfg. I have not yet tried reinstalling as said in my other post, have (I think) cleared all traces of MT2010 on the HDD, so I will give it another shot and see how goes. Thanks for now anyways and cheers Richard
  2. To continue my problem with install/uninstall MT2010. I have checked the registry and zippo there about the program, the only thing I have found is left after uninstall/cleaning out folders is the item on the start/all Programs list of Aerosoft with folders of Homepage, Forum and support/FAQ. So nothing about the MT2010 program. So why all these duplicates when I start FSX? Any takers please. Flying with default ai is not much fun. Richard
  3. Hi, Having nearly the same problem installin/uninstalling. (Runnin FSX/Win7 64bit). I uninstalled it as suggested in one of the docs that is : in MT2010 program configuration Manager select "delete all aircraft.airports etc" then while FSX is running delete the MT2010 section from the add on menu. However there is no undelete item in the Start/My traffic 2010 menu. So I did a successful uninstall thru Win7 control panel. I also did not find any mt2010 in the FSX.cfg file. Checked for any leftovers in various folders and deleted them. Now however when I reinstall the program and all seems to be successful, when I start up FSX an error message pops up claiming duplicate entries in various aircrafts (AC config?) and the only button is Close and this is for all the installed aircrafts. After sitting there for a while and closing all that stuff it runs ok except this happens everytime when starting FSX. I wonder what is left after uninstalling to dupicate these sections in various aircraft.cfg files? Are there stuff left over in the Registry maybe? cheers Richard
  4. Hi, I am not sure whether I am on the right support forum regarding My traffic 2010. I use to use Ultimate Traffic 2007 but have since changed to the download version of My Traffic 2010. The problem is, that when I was running FSX with MT2010 on Win XP Pro all was just fine. I have since changed to Win7/FSX and installed MT2010 I got an error saying something about missing a .dat file. So I uninstalled the program according to the advise given how to properlly uninstall the Program. After reinstalling MT2010 now when starting up FSX, an error message pops up stating there are duplicates of various aircafts ...My Paint.. which seem to be in each and every aircraft model cfg file. What can I do to start from scratch and install MT2010 properly? Thanks and cheers Richard
  5. Hi all, Using FSmap and just updated it. My question is this. Is there any possibility to change the plane(icon) in FSmap from red to another colour? If I remember, when I first bought the software the plane colour was white. Thanks Richard Sorry Guys, my mistake with this question. I jumped onto the wrong forum. The colour of the a-craft icon was not in FSmap but the GNS 530 Waas GPS from Reality XP avionics. See, I am running both FSmap and the GPS side by side on one monitor and got confused with this, so again my apologies. Happy flying anyways cheers
  6. G'day Shaun, Sorry to butt in like this, have a question regarding FSmap but can not validate my registration of FSMAP Forum. Every time i try to log in this is what I get "The specified username is currently inactive." If you have problems activating your account, please contact a board administrator." I can log into Aerosoft Forums no problems. How do I get a board Admin to solve this so I can post my question regarding FSmap. Thanks Richard
  7. Thanks again Thomas, will see how things go. Cheers Richard
  8. Hi Thomas, Many thanks for reply. Ok am abit wiser now,just one thing, do you mean that when I want to use gauge and map I have to instal the main Program on the server and client? Again many thanks and will try it out asap,as I do like flying with FSMap connected. I have tried to get info on your Forum,but not getting return email for activation. Anyway you have given me something to try it out. Thanks again Cheers and regards from Down under Richard
  9. First of all, I do think FSMap is a fine peace of work and enjoying using this prog. My problem/question is this: Have two PCs(Win XP Pro & FS9) networked together via WideFS and working just fine. If I want to use FSMap while the Server(FSim PC) and Client(PC2) are connected, do I have to install FSMap on the Server or Client. And if installed on the Server, what files need to be put on the Client or if installed on the Client do I need to have certain files (database e.g.) on the Server. I tried installing the main program on the Server and with mapping/sharing certain folders I get FSMap on the client but cannot see the Maps and when the button connect to FSim in pressed, all the functions left of the map side are greyed out. Although the server's title bar indicates FSMap now connected to Fs9. What am I doing wrong, can anybody help me out please. thanks and cheers from Down Under Richard
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