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  1. Pressing 1 for the before taxi off checklist does not work for me. I still have to manually do it from the 3rd MCDU. I reported this before but it looks like that post was locked. Although not resolved. I am using default ATC. Could there be a conflict with that by chance? Thanks, Cameron
  2. I will keep trying with it and report back if further issues arrive. I agree with your statement, however would it be possible to add an option to speed up the checklists if the view focus is turned off?
  3. I do not use the view focus option because I have the copilot turned on and it is all handled automatically for the majority of the items. I really like this automatic function as I do not get much time to sim because of family obligations. The quicker checklists on the smaller busses gets me airborne quicker. I worked for a 121 carrier for 11 years and I know that the pace the current A330 goes for reading the checklists is not realistic. I don't want to sound unappreciative as I do really like this option. Anything that can be done to speed things up would be appreciated. I should have added that both engines were started during the pushback. Looks like GSX pushed an update through so I need to update and will report back if there is still an issue. I think my issue happened because of GSX, I don't believe this is an issue with the A330 Yes the INFOBAR message is present for the Before Takeoff and it says to press 1. Yes Taxi checklist was completed. I am able to active the checklist by MCDU but would prefer to just press 1
  4. I would also like to add that I always start in Turn Around and use copilot on with the checklists Cameron
  5. Same thing for me after the manual file update. Full back pressure on the yoke and held it until it wanted to fly a few seconds later.
  6. Couple issues I see compared to 319/320: 1. The checklists seem to take awhile to complete. Pretty long pauses between items/responses. Any way to make this quicker like the 319/320? 2. On pushback after the most recent GSX update, I had to set the parking break, then release the parking brake, and set again to get the "wait" to start the after start checklist. It was working correctly before the GSX update. (I hadn't done one for awhile because they make me nervous about something breaking) 3. Press 1 for the Before T/O checklist does not work. I have had this all 3 flights I have done. Nice looking plane and I look forward to some of these bugs getting ironed out. Cameron
  7. cdog

    Excessive Fuel use

    Data Files
  8. cdog

    Excessive Fuel use

    I find it pretty dark as well. Screenshot may have been lighter for some reason. I wish there was a way to turn off the tint like the new CRJ but I don't see that option. I only have default shaders, no PTA or Tomato.
  9. cdog

    Excessive Fuel use

    If I get some time later today I will do this. I did snap a screenshot yesterday because I thought it was odd and wanted to compare to other addons to see what they showed for burn in the climb. Cameron
  10. cdog

    Excessive Fuel use

    Id be happy to send you what you need. I haven't used the sim since shutting down yesterday. Is there something I can send you or does it need to be done during flight? Cameron
  11. cdog

    Excessive Fuel use

    Im not sure whats correct or if this may help any but I did a short flight yesterday CYYZ-CYUL with the Air Canada 330 and noticed on climb out that each engine was burning between 13000-15000 LBS an hour. So 26,000-30,000Lbs for both. Is this correct fuel burn? I also was landing with way lower than what was planned in CYUL.
  12. Thanks Ged for the reply. I have done thee most recent update and it seems to have resolved my issues, although I do wish there was a way to start configuring the aircraft sooner if needed with checklist and co pilot on. I may give FS2Crew a try
  13. I am having a little bit of an issue with getting fully configured with checklists and PM on. I get through the approach checklist. By this point I feel like it needs to start configuring to flaps 1 to start slowing but the PF never calls for it so I manually put flaps 1, etc and it throws off the remaining checklist. My questions - Is there a way to ask the PM for Flaps 1 early to start the final configuration or can you let me know when the PF should be calling for Flaps 1 to start configuring? I could just be missing something here. Thanks Cam
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