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  1. I cannot find a way to change the voice set other than the default. I looked in the manual and it says it’s in the configurator tool but I don’t see the option there. Is it somewhere else?
  2. Thanks for letting me know. I love all the new stuff and I have tons more to discover and learn.
  3. I love if so far, I’m in the middle of flying from KBOS to KATL and no issues so far. Thank you Edit: The only thing that would be cool to add is being able to request coffee or whatever else from the FA. I accidentally clicked the table and my coffee went away. Would be cool if I can get it back
  4. I have a few more days to wait for the bundle to be released. Have fun everyone who gets to fly it tomorrow, a few of us look forward to hearing your feedback.
  5. I know the pain of switching to SAP as I’ve been through that transition at my work. An extra two weeks can’t hurt to put some more polish on everything. Thanks for the update!
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