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  1. Hi scarp and tomvidelo, I tried to end you a PM. Seems it didn't work . I'm also VERY interested in the paint of the skybus. It looks awesome! Could please someone of you either upload it to avsim (i could also do this for you ) oder send me that paint? My Mail adress: bodan85 (at) gmail.com Thank you Johann
  2. Hi Trailboss, I had the same problem and was quite disappointed - at first. But it improved. Please try this: Go to "settings" --> "Scenery" --> Put "Scenery Complexity" to "Maximum" (totally to the right side) This should solve your problem. Hope it helps!!!! (I have the german version, so may be the words are not exactly correct, but you will find it) Greets fromSwitzerland Johann
  3. Hi all, maybe I can just add in. In another post I read, that scarp finished and uploaded the repaints of "D-IVER" an oft the "Scilly Skybus." I can't find a trace of it at avsim or somewhere else. Could please someone post a link or re-upload these paints or send me a copy to bodan85 (at) gmail.com ? Thanks, scarp, for your fantastic artwork!
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