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  1. I downloaded from pcaviator again and still got the old P3DV4 file, so clearly they have a problem at their end >< Fortunately I have been able to get the latest installer via the Aerosoft support area. I'll report back once I've been able to verify all is working as it should.
  2. Please ignore, pretty sure this is due to my stupidity! I think this is the V1.000 scenery. The retailer claimed a V5 update and I downloaded and installed, but on closer inspection it's NOT the v2.000 file. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I downloaded the latest version from PC Aviator once they informed me that the P3DV5 update was available. I'm afraid that their site doesn't specify the exact number you get. Having download again I see AS_BALEARIC-ISLANDS-PROFESSIONAL-MENORCA_P3DV4_V100.exe so not the latest version! Might well explain my other issue too Thanks for the prompt reply. Sorry for wasting time by not spotting the filename! I'll endeavour to get the retailer to supply the updated version correctly!
  4. Hi, I'm running P3DV5 and I really like the enahnced atmospherics option the new version offers. I understand that this is still very much a WIP, but it does appear to upset the Menorca scenery. I think I've tracked it down to some kind of texture issue with the papi lights in that with EA turned on I get a whacking great black rectangle! This appears to coincide with where the papi lights are on the runway. The issue goes away with EA turned off. Also, unrelated I think, is some kind of texture issue with the tarmac / base layer of the airport. This is a fresh install, and according to little nav map I have only this addon and the base p3d providing any kind of bgl for LEMH. Thanks.
  5. The title pretty much sums it up. I'm running P3DV5 and the updater tool detects my other Aerosoft addons, but for some reason doesn't discover the Menorca scenery when it's located right next to the Gibraltar one that is detected. Not the end of the world but I thought that I'd raise it. Thanks!
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