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  1. Ok maybe I found where I was going wrong! As per the Tutorial Flight: Page 53, Section 9. ENGINES the start sequence, the last sentence in the block says: " To do so, press the red lock switches with the left mouse button to unlock and then advance the respective throttle lever to idle". I admit that I only clicked the red lock switch and never ADVANCED the throttle into the idle position. This I must admit is only due to the habit of flying the B-aircraft where on gets so use to only "opening" the fuel cut-off switch, and no need to "move" the throttle into a required position. Big thank you for the prompt reply, and also to read tutorials during the day and not at night. Regards Richard E
  2. When starting FSX I always start with the trike parked on the ramp. I then select the aircraft option and then select the AS CRJ, but never see the "Aircraft Configuration Complete" message. Only when I select Ready for Taxi do I see the A C Complete message.
  3. When I select the ENG - R botton and wait for N2 to reach 20% and then click the Engine #2 cutoff switch. The N2 stops at around 24% and N1 climbs to 3.0. The throttle stays in the "Shut Off" position. Prior to starting this procedure I have also set the "Landing elevation"
  4. I run Win 7 64-b Home edition and FSX Steam Edition I also have the Twin otter and the Airbus A-318 19 20 21-bundle which runs perfectly.
  5. G A Sorry I also should have mentioned that, that was the last option that I followed. And that was done after a complete reinstall and the only thing that I did not do was updated the Airac-file.
  6. Good day Now I need some help please? The only way that I am able to move this aircraft is via "Ready for Taxi" If I select any of the other options/channels the message in the R-EICAS shows R ENG BLEED CLSD and the left one also. The only thing that I have not tried is starting the No1 engine first. I watched about 9 YT videos and Googled some pages with diff scenarios in "asking" the question about starting from cold & dark. Somewhere I am missing something Any suggestions / help would be highly appreciated! Regards Richard E
  7. Good Evening Sir I checked the LoadSheets folder and it has 4 x text files with the A319 showing last night 23/10/2018 at 10:30 PM last night. I have not used any of the other Airbus aircraft or the FP for them. I finished my flight last night at 10:28 PM, so I do not know what happened there. I also have registered copy of FSUIPC. Regards Richard S
  8. Good Evening Any idea as to why the Fuel planner does not "write"the calculated fuel over to the aircraft? When I click "Generate Loadsheet" the Auto load with aircraft is enabled. I have tried it before starting FSX, and also within FSX but have not selected an Airbus aircraft. Also whilst I have the A319--100 parked at the gate without any luck. The sad part of this it worked with the 2 x first flights but now the last 4 no luck. Nothing has changed as I only use AS with FSX, also no liveries added yet due to Aerosoft download facility is on "holiday" Regards Richard E S
  9. Good Afternoon I see your liveries look very good and fall in the 7-STAR bracket. Do you have any South African Airways for the A319-100 & A320 would be appreciated time permitting PLEASE? Thank you & have a nice day! Regards Richard E S South Africa
  10. Good evening Last week my wife decided to buy me the Airbus 318/319 & A320/321 bundle for FSX-steam. I studied the manuals on Sunday (3.0-hrs) Monday (3.25-hrs) and last night about 2.5 hours. I then very bravely decided that tonight is the night and arranged with the ground crew to get the A319-100 ready for a one hour flight departing from LEPA to LFMN. As per the manuals I then "loaded" the pax and the fuel as per the Airbus-X fuel planner and it took about 25 min just as the book specified. This was done before even loading my FSX-program. It is with GREAT SADNESS that about 34 min into the flight the engines just stopped, NO FUEL/LOW FUEL. My reason for writing this is that no matter how many "bells & whistles" you ADD to a package with the likes of jump seats travelling in the cockpit and windows that open and close, if the basics do not "work" correctly it creates a very negative opinion about the package/deal that was purchased. Needles to say I still need to "SEE" the package that does work properly with the very basics and that being said, the loading of the fuel, pax and cargo information via a separate program and not directly via the FSX fuel-tab. One cannot explain the experience of 20 years flight-simming in a 15 min conversation, especially when your wife is showing interest into the birthday present that she bought you just 7 days ago. I am now in a dead-end road that is very narrow and the "gear-lever" just broke off! So reversing is not an option! This is my second "bundle" purchased from Aerosoft and the 1st one being the CRJ700/900 which from the beginning the ILS would just not intercept and it just would not follow the FMC route. Those aircraft have been moth-balled as the time is too little to spend time in getting it "fixed" if it actually should have worked from the beginning. And yes I do have a registered copy of FSUIPC loaded and still the fuel-planner does not "copy" the relevant/correct information into the main FSX scenario. Maybe one day in my next life I might understand the reason behind why one should actually FIRST read PDF-files if available and watch 72 Youtube videos to make you decide to "click' the trolley/basket with your next purchase. To those simmers that are fortunate and that do not need the trimmings but just load your aircraft IRO fuel weight and other parameters enjoy your flying of the Airbus 318/319/320/321 bundle. Have a very nice day. Regards Richard S 34 deg below the Zero degree latitude.
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