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  1. Update: All good ... you can close this topic if needed.
  2. Dave, Thank you for your response. This can be better handle by the person who set the parameters (you know who within Aerosoft). - And, keep in mind, I only do small adjustments (tweaks) within my addons.. I do NOT do experiments . Yes, as you have noticed I have been around and have gained broad knowledge. - I understand the level-thrust-works perfectly fine on your system (and may be on everyone else), which is perfectly fine. However, (However), I prefer it a bit more effective, and just want to make a small adjust to make it stronger. - It's only a small tweak I'm looking to adjust. In fact, tweaks (or adjustments) is something everyone (yes everyone) in our sim world has been doing since the beginning of time. lol (well especially with FSX, remember?) But, any way, Dave, if you or someone else can tell me where to adjust this (AIR File or CFG) , I would greatly appreciate it. Or point me to someone within Aerosoft that did the programming can let me know. Remember you can ping me on the side if that's more comfortable.
  3. Good morning, Emanuel.. and thank you for responding. The effectiveness may have been set as the test-pilots see fit. However, to my preference I prefer to make a few adjustments to these parameters. I sometimes come in a little high , or fast, and having a stronger reverse-thrust helps me to stop faster-- and avoid burning the brake-pads or run past the runway's end. lol In-any-case, I just like to make a few tweaks to my reverse, static thrust, airbrakes etc., when necessary. I was able to make other adjusts, but not the reverse. No matter what number I set it to, the reverse strength remains the same. So, looks like it's been mapped differently this time, rather than from A/C CFG/ reverse_thrust _available = 1 ( I like it at reverse thrust available = 1.5) Feel free to ping me on the side if you'd like.
  4. Key word= Effectiveness Good morning team, My throttles, axis, sensitivity and dead-zones are all set properly. However, when applying reverse-thrust, the aircraft barely slows down (slim to none) . Aircraft CFG: Reverse thrust available = 1 (I change this and now there is no change to the aircraft's behavior. There are other things which can be changed- some work others don't Therefore I need (to me this is a MUST) to adjust the effectiveness. I have done it for the past "95" years in every aircraft I've had. (Only when required). Aerosoft you can go back and do it for us; or please let me know where have you mapped this option so I can make my adjustments ( Is it within the a/c CFG or within the a/c Rar File ? Please let me know or ping me on the side. The current revere-thrust effectiveness is by far too, too low. I need to to increase that number ( Reverse_thrust_available = ) Thank you, Johnny
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